Exhibition & Event

Lunchtime Series

Time |
(Mon & Wed) 12:45pm / 1pm / 3pmĀ 
Location |
Laundry Steps / Prison Yard
Price |
Free of charge

Located in the heart of Central, Tai Kwun is perfectly located to offer a brief reprieve from the chaos of the workplace. Come and enjoy " Lunchtime Series"—an exciting line-up of stand-up comedy, street performances, mini-concerts every Monday and Wednesday. Head outdoors, eat lunch, relax and unload your worries while enjoying a hearty laugh or live music—it is all in a day's work of enjoying art in Tai Kwun.

Date Time Performing Group Music / Performance Genre Location
03.12.2018 (Mon) 12.45-1.45pm Adrian Fu Pop Laundry Steps
05.12.2018 (Wed) 1pm-1.40pm Theatre Ronin "A Many-Splendoured Thing" Physical Music Theatre Prison Yard
10.12.2018 (Mon) 12.45-1.45pm Michael Luk x Dick Wong  Gospel / R&B  Laundry Steps
11.12.2018 (Tue) 12.45-1.45pm Jockey Club Keys to Music Education Programme: Brass Quintet Classical Music Laundry Steps
12.12.2018 (Wed) 1pm-1.40pm Theatre Ronin "A Many-Splendoured Thing" Physical Music Theatre Prison Yard
17.12.2018 (Mon) 12.45-1.45pm Alex Ho Trio Jazz Laundry Steps
17.12.2018 (Mon) 3pm-3.40pm Theatre Ronin "A Many-Splendoured Thing" Physical Music Theatre Prison Yard
19.12.2018 (Wed) 1pm-1.40pm Theatre Ronin "A Many-Splendoured Thing" Physical Music Theatre Prison Yard
24.12.2018 (Mon) 12.45-1.45pm Sung Nockwon & The Manners  Jazz Laundry Steps
26.12.2018 (Wed) 1pm-1.40pm Theatre Ronin "A Many-Splendoured Thing" Physical Music Theatre Prison Yard
31.12.2018 (Mon) 12.45-1.45pm Jess Leung Quartet  Jazz Laundry Steps



Adrian Fu

Adrian Fu jas started his songwriting career at university. Since then, he has written numerous tunes for artist Eason Chan, including “We Are Both Lonely”, “The Rings of Saturn”, “The Road...Has Always Been Here” among others. In particular, “We Are Both Lonely” has gone on to become one of the 10 top singles of the year, as awarded by The Association of Music Workers in Taiwan. 
In 2015, his debut album, “Good Morning, Hard City” was nominated for the Best New Artist at the 26th Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan.

Michael Luk x Dick Wong

Michael Luk

Michael Luk is a vocalist who graduated with honors in Contemporary Writing and Production from Berklee College of Music. He subsequently obtained a Master degree in Church Music offered by Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. During his stay in the U.S. , Michael was actively involved in gospel music at African American Churches. His original song "Bring Me Home" has also been selected for the 74th National Convention of Gospel Choirs and Choruses. 

Dick Wong

Dick Wong leads a varied career both as a local musician and as an arranger. He studied Bachelor of Music Education at the Education University of Hong Kong, majoring in jazz piano. As the champion of YAMAHA Asian Beat Band Competition 2013 HONG KONG, he represented Hong Kong in the Asian Beat 2013 Grand Final in Indonesia. He has won the “Best Keyboard player” award in both Hong Kong Regional Final and the Grand Final.
As a musician Dick has played on numerous live music performances, including Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival and San Miguel Beer Festival. Dick is now a regular keyboardist of local R&B/Gospel band Takh-oo’.

Jockey Club Keys to Music Education Programme

Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra's horn ensemble and brass quintet will bring a diverse musical programme with familiar tunes to enlighten the Laundry Steps from October to December in three lunchtime performances.

Please refer to Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra’s website for programme details.


Alex Ho

Currently based in London, Alex Ho started off as a classical pianist and had his concerto debut when he was 18. His first opportunity to explore jazz music came during his undergraduate years at UCL studying Economics and he was hooked since then. While he continued to study classical performance at the Royal Academy and Royal College of Music he began performing in the London jazz circuit. In 2016, he undertook the recording project “Trio Soundscapism” in collaboration with Hong Kong premier bassist Tsang Tak Hong and New York drummer Ian Chang. It consists of original music and free improvisations. In 2017 Alex collaborated and performed with saxophonist Steve Williamson both in duo and quartet settings. Alex made his debut appearance in Mainland China in 2018 at JZ Club in Guangzhou.


Sung Nockwon and The Manners

Formed in 2015 in Seoul, Korea, Sung Nockwon and The Manners is a five piece jazz band that delivers uplifting messages of hopes and dreams through their music that has elements of easy listening, jazz, and pop with a romantic and soft yet deep voice of Nockwon. 
Led by Sung Nockwon, a saxophonist, an award winning singer song-writer, flutist and producer, who is also a member of the most well-known Korean ska band, Kingston Rudieska and an award winning jazz band, Miles Away, The Manners are also consisted of young outstanding and remarkable jazz musicians - Lee Yedong (Guitarist), Yim Chaesun (Keyboardist), Kim Yuseong (Bassist) and Kim Seonghwa (Drummer).


Jess Leung

A Chinese-Canadian singer-songwriter from Toronto, who brings warmth and hope to her music about self-discovery and life's intimate moments. With a sweet jazz-tinged voice, indie folk and pop influences, and a charming storytelling ability, Jess' music feels sincere and freeing in her exploration of love and loss. Performing in Hong Kong as part of her second tour, Jess is excited to celebrate the release of her first single, "Rollercoaster".

Physical Music Theatre

“A Many-Splendoured Thing” recalls the secondary school memories when going to the Prison Yard of Tai Kwun in the afternoon, the students were reading and imagining themselves as the female protagonists in the novels. Only love remains in the courtyard when all the illusions exposed. After all, it became a place full of memory. 

Theatre Ronin is founded by its artistic director Alex Tam Hung Man in 2006. Dedicated to explore the aesthetics of ‘Theatre of Imagery’, and creating a distinctively imaginative performing style. Recent work includes “Fallen”, “Hochi the Earless”, “Playing with Xixi” etc.  Most of its works are invited to various drama festivals in France, Argentina, Taiwan and China.
Please visit www.facebook.com/TheatreRonin for the latest news.