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LOOP by Compagnie Stoptoï (France)

LOOP by Compagnie Stoptoï (France)

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Lumens by Video Phase (Canada)

Tìng-Koo-Ki Mad Skills Battle (Hong Kong x Taiwan)

Date & Time

3 - 5 Jan, 2020 (03.01.2020) 7:30pm; (04-05.01.2020) 1pm / 5pm


JC Cube


Free of charge


Compagnie Stoptoï

Photo: Robin Montrau

Photo: Robin Montrau

Photo: Robin Montrau

Photo: Robin Montrau

LOOP is a juggling concert featuring pop catches, funky grabs and rock drumming. 

This year in the Tai Kwun Circus Plays, two jugglers and a drummer welcome you to a crazy playlist. Mixing smooth jazz with garage rock and playful juggling acts with crazy stunts, the show culminates with an acoustic love song performed by the world’s smallest balls and rings. Part meticulous juggling, part kids’ game and fusing head banging music with Japanese kimonos, LOOP invites you to sing if you know the lyrics, light your lighter for the grand finale and boo the drummer when his solos are too long. Just come to enjoy a juggling show like you would rock a concert and experience the pure pleasure of a guitar riff and a great ball catch! 

Don’t forget your ear plugs...

The performance will last approximately 60 minutes without intermission.

  • Recommended for ages 6 and above. One person per ticket regardless of age
  • Limited quota, registration is on a first-come-first-served basis. Registered participants shall redeem their seats 15 minutes before the performance time. Unclaimed seats may be released to walk-in audience.

Formed in 2016, Compagnie Stoptoï are a Franco-Hispano-Israeli company composed of Gaëtan Allard (drums, vocals, ring percussion, other instruments), Gonzalo Fernández Rodríguez (rings, kass-kass) and Neta Oren (balls, headbanging).

After training at the Circus Superior School of Lido in Toulouse, Neta and Gon created 3 x 3, their first show, in 2015. Gaëtan joined them the following year to form the Compagnie Stoptoï around a common project: LOOP.

Neta and Gon met Gaëtan when he was accompanying the Protocol Collective at the Maison des Jonglages de la Courneuve for an improvised performance. As his physical engagement resembles that of a juggler, he was invited to join the LOOP project.

The three artists spent their time doing seemingly “useless” things: Neta throws bullets in the air as Gon twists plastic rings and Gaëtan taps rhythm on crates...they are convinced that by repeating these actions without purpose, they will eventually discover the meaning of life.