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Let’s Do Lunch

Let's Do Lunch

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Duplex Studio at Block 01
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Free of charge

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ADO Design

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Alex Lai

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Research Writers
Chan Chun Wai, Emily Kwong, Lui Ka Chun, Emily Tong

Sandy Wang 

The way we eat defines a society’s rhythm. While tens of thousands of people in Central dedicate the early hours of the day to working, lunch time gives them some much-needed breathing space. Following Trolleys Central, the Heritage Department unveils Let's Do Lunch, the second chapter of the exhibition series “Lives in Central”. Shedding light on the lives of Central’s workers outside of the office, the exhibition explores how the district’s unique lunch culture helps nurture social cohesion amongst a diverse group of people harbouring different identities.

Central’s dynamic outlook reflects its advantageous geographical location and more than a century of urban planning. Food makes an important contribution to this spectacle, and all sorts of culinary icons and memories were born and etched onto the very fabric of Central. Tracking the appearance and changes of various business lunch, fast food, catered lunch and fraternity association lunch cultures, we serve up an authentic “lunch” experience with tastings of culture, language and habits.

Conjuring Central’s fascinating lunch scene, Let's Do Lunch documents all our break time moments, from the most mundane to the most relatable, of company owners and junior officers sharing the same ritual as soon as lunch hour begins, no matter how busy they are. The epic scene of mid-day Central crowds immortalises the district as Hong Kong’s gastronomic heart.

Free Admission | Guided Tours Available