Kongkee: Warring States Cyberpunk

Kongkee: Warring States Cyberpunk

Kongkee: Warring States Cyberpunk

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Warring States Cyberpunk Guided Tour: Who's Next?

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Kongkee: Warring States Cyberpunk — Curator-led Tour

Tai Kwun Conversations: Kongkee: Warring States Cyberpunk — A Dialogue between Kongkee and Ying Kwok

Date & Time

9 Dec 2023 - 3 Mar 2024 11am – 7pm
Closed on Mondays


Duplex Studio, Block 01


Free of charge


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Immortal souls, past lives, and cyberpunk futures fuse in a psychedelic solo exhibition by the Hong Kong artist Kongkee, a.k.a. Kong Khong-chang, which follows the legend of Chinese poet Qu Yuan (c. 339-278 BCE), commemorated annually during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday.

Kongkee's animated film Dragon’s Delusion begins after Qu Yuan's untimely ending, in which the poet drowned himself in a river, having been in despair over the tumultuous times in which he lived. Kongkee imagines the poet's resurrection 2,000 years after his death, from the waters of the Kingdom of Chu into a cyberpunk future. As his soul wanders a landscape filled with cyborgs and surprising romantic reunions, several worlds collide, reflecting Kongkee's own philosophical outlook on the past and Qu Yuan's language possessing its own wandering quality which continues to inspire generations of artists.

Part comic book, part motion picture, part speculative journey, Kongkee: Warring States Cyberpunk is an immersive experience complete with a large-scale LED installation and site-specific neon works, transforming Tai Kwun's heritage site into a cyberpunk universe that bridges the past with the future.

For the presentation at Tai Kwun's Duplex Studio, Kongkee has developed new site-specific works in connection with Hong Kong that reflect on the world we live in today. Kongkee: Warring States Cyberpunk, first organised by the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco and curated by Abby Chen, Head of Contemporary Art and Senior Associate Curator, is co-curated by Ying Kwok, Senior Curator for Tai Kwun Contemporary.

The neon, site-specific installation Taotie located on the G/F at Block 1 will be displayed till 16 April 2024.

Artist Bio

(a.k.a. KONG Khong-chang)

Kongkee, a.k.a. KONG Khong-chang, (b. 1977, Chinese, born Malaysia, raised in Hong Kong) is an animation director and visual artist. He was the founder of studio Penguin Lab since 2008.

His work has been featured in film festivals, and captured the eye of Britpop band Blur, who partnered with Kongkee to create a comic book, Travel to Hong Kong with Blur, based on their hit album The Magic Whip (2015). In 2012 his comics Detournements: La littérature de Hong Kong en bande dessinée (co. Chihoi) was published in French in Europe.

Kongkee started developing the comic series Mi Luo Virtual in 2013, which became the basis for Kongkee: Warring States Cyberpunk. In 2020 a chapter of this comic was animated and transformed into a short film Dragon’s Delusion: Preface that won the grand prize of the 22nd DigiCon6, the top honour for this category in Asia. His most recent work Flower in The Mirror, is an interactive video installation commissioned by M+ Museum in 2021. In 2022, his major solo exhibition Kongkee: Warring States Cyberpunk debuted at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, and toured to Wrightwood 659 Museum in Chicago.

Exhibition Views

Past / Present / Future / Bleeding /
Tearing / Drifting, 2023
Time Pause Became Mountain,
Time Move Became Water,

Dragon’s Delusion: Preface , 2020
Dragon’s Delusion: Assassination, 2018
Dragon’s Delusion: Departure, 2017

 You Can Never Step in the Same
River Twice, 
Taotie, 2022
The making of Kongkee:
Warring States Cyberpunk

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Kongkee: Warring States Cyberpunk — Curator-led Tour

English Session 23.12.2023 (Sat) 3:00pm – 4:00pm
Cantonese Session 06.01.2024 (Sat) 3:00pm – 4:00pm

Warring States Cyberpunk Guided Tour: Who's Next?

07.01.2024 – 25.02.2024(Sun)
Cantonese Sessions: 3pm-4pm / 5pm-6pm
English or Putonghua Sessions: 5pm-6pm

Art After Hours: Marvels of Trinity

10.01.2024 (Wed) 7:30pm-9:00pm

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The 60-minute school tour covers two exhibitions – Green Snake: women-centred ecologies (45 minutes) and Kongkee: Warring States Cyberpunk (15 minutes).
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