Dismantling the Scaffold

Killing 3000 Workshop Series - “Confessional Rope Tying” Reconciliation Workshop

Dismantling the Scaffold

Dismantling the Scaffold Guided Tour (Cantonese)

Dismantling the Scaffold Guided Tour (English)

Killing 3000 Workshop Series - Film Workshop with Born Lo

Killing 3000 Workshop Series - “Confessional Rope Tying” Reconciliation Workshop

Date & Time

29 Jun - 13 Jul, 2018 6:30pm-9pm


A Hall Studio & Prison Yard


Free of charge


This workshop is conceived of by artists LH02: Pak Sheung Chuen, Jaffe.T, Cathy Tsang, Grace Gut and Siumou Chow.  Alluding to the execution scene in the movie “From Beijing with Love,” this workshop invites pairs of families, close friends or partners (not limited to gender or relationship) to perform rope bondage on each other. Through the exercise of having honest conversations of disclosure in vulnerable settings, participants are able to create open dialogue and cleanse their emotional baggage.   

Date: 29 Jun or 13 Jul, 2018 
Time: 6:30pm - 9pm
Venue: A Hall Studio & Prison Yard
Tutor: A different color (Rope Artist)

Interested participants please email learnart@taikwun.hk with you and your partner's names and phone numbers. 


Notes for application: 
1.    The workshop will be conducted in Cantonese. 
2.    Applicants need to fill out a simple survey for application (see below). 
3.    The quota for each workshop is five pairs (10 people), successful applicants will be notified by email. 


1. Use one word to describe the relationship between you and your partner. 
2. Share with us a secret that no one else knows!
3. Are you willing to confess in front other strangers?

1. Share with us one painful experience that you've experienced so far (yourself or the two of you). 
2. What would you like to confess to your partner? 
3. How do you expect your partner to respond after the confession? 
4. Do you have any questions for us?

More about the tutor: A different color
Aka Chow, Hong Kong independent writer, writes erotic literature and cultural criticism, focuses on LGBTIQ culture and concerns topics related to sexuality, gender, the body, and female issues. 
Art Project “A different color” uses the rope and the body to experiment with rope bondage as a kind of artistic practice, and to discover the many possibilities to the rope—free-play with the body and creating perceptions—through photography, performance and teaching. (Related article published on Art Plus APRIL 2017 – “Rope Bondage: the binding aesthetics of body and beauty.) 

*This program is part of the Killing 3000 workshop series. 

This is an education and public programs initiative organised by Kevin Lam, Jacqueline Liu and Melissa Karmen Lee.