Jumping Frames International Dance Video Festival 2019

Jumping Frames International Dance Video Festival 2019

Date & Time

7 - 15 Sep, 2019 Please refer to the programme timetable


JC Cube / F Hall Studio at Block 17


(For programmes at JC Cube) $150 / (For paid VR programme at F Hall Studio) $30


Dance or cinema, fiction or non-fiction, rapid or steady -- Dance video is reflections and narratives in the format of the film, how dance and life are sourced for both mediums in its manifestations.

Jumping Frames International Dance Video Festival 2019 hopes to explore the boundless world of dance from self-observation. In the film Look Two Ways Revisited and Dance Goes On explores the relationship of ‘seeing and being seen’ between performers and audiences, reflect on oneself by analyzing others, and think about the relationship between "I" and being in the world.

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Maguy Marin, two of the eminent dancers in the world, Festival specially chooses Mitten and The Urgency to Act to praise their contributions to the dance industry and their spirit of perfection.

Is the end of life doomed to wait for death? Body in Time@GGPPP and Third Act discuss the question: How to grow old without feeling old? Even if the silver-haired people's articulation becomes stiff and their vision are no longer clear, their enthusiasm can't be stopped at the end of lives!

In remembrance of the 10th year passing of Pina Bausch, Festival proposes the mirroring of conversations documented One Day Pina Asked and Coffee with Pina, diving into the more mundane perspectives of this acclaimed dance master.

For the first time this edition, Festival sets up VR dance videos and installation video work. In Afterimage for Tomorrow, director Singing Chen collaborates with choreographer Shu-yi Chou to perform the ineffable in memories. SWIM creates a surrealistic journey for viewers to travel between reality and virtual reality, so as to stimulate their imagination. Primitive Nostalgia features some of the most memorable dance numbers ever captured on film, focusing on the construction of national cultural identity from dance.

Jumping Frames 2019 hopes to invite the audience to experience the artists’ paths in relation to their stories and source of their inspirations. The attempt to peep into the individual insights, autobiographical perspectives, either inwards or outwards, to ponder upon the philosophical development of the artists juxtaposing their geographical connections, memories and narratives, across both disciplines from Cinema to Dance, from movement of the body to movement of the camera, the idea of mise-en-scène and choreography. Let us travel through the mediums of film and dance, manifesting either in the documentary, narrative re-invention, and in new technology, where dance is embedded through time, space and its abstraction.

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Ticketing Information

Ticket Prices

HK$ 150 / $75# (For programmes at JC Cube)

HK$ 30 / $15# (For paid VR programme at F Hall Studio)

# Full time students and children, senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities and accompanying minder, Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients

Tickets NOW available at URBTIX (for programmes at JC Cube) and POPTICKET https://www.popticket.hk/ccdc (for VR programmes at F Hall Studio).

The full programmes and ticket discounts are now available at official website.

Screening Schedule

JC Cube






Look Two Ways Revisited x Dance Goes On



Maguy Marin - The Urgency to Act x Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker - Mitten



Body in Time@GGPPP x Third Act



One Day Pina Asked  x Coffee with Pina


F Hall Studio








VR Dance Video: Afterimage for Tomorrow

(HK$ 30 / $15#, online ticketing: POP Ticket)

VR Dance Video: SWIM

(free-of-charge online registration: POP Ticket)

Primitive Nostalgia (video installation)

(free-of-charge screening)

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