JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power — Art Walk x Heritage: “Wild is the Grass” Series

JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power — Art Walk x Heritage: “Wild is the Grass” Series

Date & Time

25 - 28 Jan, 2019 (25.01) 7:30pm/9pm; (26.01) 6pm/8pm; (27.01) 6pm/8pm; (28.01) 7:30pm/9pm


Prison Yard


Free of charge


Presented by
Hong Kong Arts Development Council

Funded by
The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust

Curated & Produced by

Yang Hao x Wu King-yeung, Ivanhoe Lam x Santayana Li, Jabin Law x Chan Kwun-fee, Ata Wong x Théâtre de la Feuill

Art Walk x Heritage: “Wild is the Grass” Series

Beyond the boundaries of language, body and music
Under the great brick walls, four movements are stirring

Wild grass, over the boundless expanse, in between the cracks of the concrete, amid the obscure moments, sprout and spurt forth. 
Wild grass, as a metaphor, always finds its own space despite whatever constraints.
Four distinct sets of works examine the experience and reflection of life in multifaceted conditions. 

Based on first-hand experiences of the artists, a bombardment of everyday struggle and identity crisis unfolds over the collective anxiety and insecurity of our complicated times. They reflect on how we as human beings continually survive and progress for the inevitable self-discovery, all the way to the  baffling future at the end of the world. 

Powerless yet potent, desperate yet hopeful, the contradicting feelings call for the four dynamics of assorted intensities unfurling over a series of cross-boundary explorations of content and form. Ajar from the usual zone of comfort, all this is boldly catalyzed by the original collaborators, the fresh ideas and the unexpected experiments that sparkle.

“Report i – Which I am I”: Ivanhoe Lam ╳ Santayana Li


“Legend of Hao Hao”: Yang Hao ╳ Wu King-yeung


“Paradise: Epilogue”: Jabin Law ╳ Chan Kwun-fee


“Fe + C… ➡  Steel?”: Ata Wong Chun-tat & Théâtre de la Feuille

Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC) cherishes the unique beauty of local arts and is devoted to the cultivation of creative talents. In recent years, HKADC has taken an active role in introducing outstanding local artists to the global art scene. With their diversified media and styles, the artists’ works have shone at overseas arts festivals and are well-received across different platforms.

With the support of HKADC over the past few years, Hong Kong artists have showcased their works in the Performing Arts Market in Seoul (PAMS), Busan International Dance Market (BIDAM), Gwangju Biennale in Korea, internationale tanzmesse nrw in Düsseldorf, Germany, OzAsia Festival in Adelaide, Australia, Shenzhen Contemporary Theatre Biennale in China, Kuandu Arts Festival in Taipei and Hong Kong Music Series in London, United Kingdom.

These international events allow overseas audience practitioners as well as the general public to enjoy the finest works of art that are proudly created in Hong Kong. Funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, these critically acclaimed works are returning to their birthplace, where they will be presented to the local audience at the second JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power. The upcoming arts festival consists of 10 programmes, including music, theatre, xiqu, multimedia arts and contemporary dance. The artists, born and raised in Hong Kong, see their works as a means to communicate and correspond with their hometown.

Apart from the original shows, the art groups in collaboration with the social welfare, academic and commercial sectors, will also put together over 150 community and school programmes, spreading the joy of art to people from different communities, and allowing art and life to enrich one another.

Returning from their overseas tours, 12 local creative units will take turns to present their best works from September 2018 to January 2019. Engage in your artistic moments by joining the Festival and indulge in this extraordinary cityscape!

The performance will last for approximately 45 minutes without intermission.

Free-of-charge, reservation in advance required

The above contents are provided by HKADC