JAAK - ‘Poché’ 3D Art Workshop

JAAK - ‘Poché’ 3D Art Workshop

Date & Time

6 - 31 Jan, 2023 Please refer to the programme introduction


Shop 03-101


Please refer to the programme introduction


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Poché 3D Art Workshop

Poché’ is the wall, the column, and other solid infrastructure of a building. An interior cannot form without any of poche’s components.
In this workshop, we have designed a substantial template. We will share with you how to sculpt out 3D art piece with tactile plaster, St. Leo Marble paint, and wood material with several application techniques. Participants will then leave with this natural, timeless art piece.

*Size of the painting: 25x25cm

Date : 6, 7, 27, 31 Jan 2023
Time : 11am -2:30pm | 4pm-5:30pm 
Price : $880 Per person

Reservation: HERE

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