In Bloom 2022

In Bloom 2022

In Bloom: Exclusive Scented Confession workshop

In Bloom: Bring fresh plants home to enhance your home garden

Date & Time

26 - 29 May, 2022 1-8pm


Parade Ground


Free of charge


A panoply of everything petalled

Tai Kwun is pleased to announce the second edition of the breath-taking “In Bloom”, the much-beloved outdoor flower market. Set to blossom in late May, In Bloom will showcase botanical delights and floral-themed lifestyle offerings from 26-29 May, and will coincide with the fourth anniversary of Tai Kwun’s opening.

The green matinee is a splendid treat for Tai Kwun visitors and devoted Tai Kwun fans, as the outdoor spaces of the compound will be bedecked with horticultural highlights from over a dozen local brands. Offering a lavish affair until the twilight hours, the anniversary will transform Tai Kwun into a captivating zone for community festivities. Just in time for the easy breeze of the season to usher in vibrant and fun floral activities and workshops, as well as sweet feasts from participating Tai Kwun shops and restaurants who are eager to partake in the compound’s jubilee.

Unlike traditional flower markets, In Bloom is a panoply of everything petalled in Hong Kong, allowing visitors to embark on a sensory journey and venture into the realm of sustainability. 

“In Bloom” will adhere to the latest health and safety regulations and enforce social distancing measures with the latest safety regulations. 



Select Local Brands

Conceptu Home
Forest Round Round
Give Her Flower
Hungry Hugger
Scented Niche
The Grey Green
Veni Vidi Amavi

DAISYZOOM, founded in 2015, is a floral brand that focuses on natural aesthetics by embracing every seasonal change that delivers a diversity of blooms, emphasising the individuality of each branch, and presenting a new vision of freedom.

DAISYZOOM provides botanical enthusiasts with high-quality personalised fresh and dried bespoke bouquets, wedding-themes flowers and various levels of floral courses.

Conceptu Home is a Hong Kong-based, sustainability lifestyle brand offering homeware and natural essential oils infused home fragrances such as candles and room sprays.

The brand cares about how its actions impact the Earth and is conscious of how harmful chemicals impact people’s bodies and minds. In addition, it is very important to us to protect our planet’s oceans, and eliminate plastic waste. Our essential oils wellness collection is made with the purest and highest-quality materials, with no artificial colourings and preservatives and chemicals.

A local botanical brand selling handmade and selected potted plants, as well as a greenery style boutique. Visit "Forest Round Round" to learn more about craftsmanship and ceramics, as they use living materials, to create plant artworks and reshape the mysterious connection between living and nature.

Whether you’re sending flowers to celebrate a milestone, to farewell a friend, to show support to a friend or just simply brightening the day, "Give Her Flowers" is here to help! 

Aiming to connect and support local artisan food makers, "Hungry Hunger" is a design-driven startup funded by the Design Incubation Programme backed by the Hong Kong Design Centre. More than 30 food makers and designers have come to Hungry Hugger, sharing their best creations of quality food, beverage and craft.

“More than a flower” is the brand's tenet in design. It is believed that JFOREST can preserve the special memory forever as flowers are not longer limited by time.

With modern and colourful designs that emphasise vibrant and linear elements, "Kofeflowers" delivers contemporary continental floral designs like never before.

LoCoFARMS is an innovative agro-food brand with locally grown crops as its focus. We source high-quality seasonal ingredients  from  local  farms  and  make  each  product  by  hand  without  additives.  We  bring  together  farmers  and  artisan  food  craftsmen  to  unleash  the  potential  of  local  crops, to innovate the authentic “Grown In HK, Made In HK” flavours. Our  signature  products  include  handcrafted  beverages,  original  sauces,  and  naturally  fermented  foods.  We  also  launch limited seasonal products from time to time to let the flavours of all four seasons dance on the tips of your tongues.

''Not too much and not too little – Just Right'' is the creative philosophy for NAKA’s curated products. Seeking to mix and match delicacy and aesthetic design together for an elevating and savoury experience.

Established in the summer of 2019, a plant creation studio based in Hong Kong, "root" is committed to turning plants into organic artworks, and bringing a floral touch to everyday spaces.

Scented Niche provides a relaxing urban oasis. Exclusive candles and perfumes from boutique brands, such as Agar Aura, Carthusia I Profumi Di Capri, Parfums MDCI, Trudon, Carrière Frères.

Combining vintage lifestyle items, Japanese selected brands and plants, "" is a local brand that believes life is better with plants and greenery.

THE GREY GREEN comes not only from the colours rooted in the city but also from the idea that we can cultivate inspiring lifestyles. THE GREY GREEN uses a diverse range of local flora as a means for communication to bring nature, greeneries, and memories of our everyday lives together.

V, "Veni", taking on the world through scents
V, "Vidi", exploring the beauty of life
A, "Amavi", let the senses collect each journey’s memories.

The name "VVA" represents the story we outline for each city.

8 Dining & Lifestyle Offerings


Discover vistas of sylvan charm with “In Bloom” shops & restaurant offerings

Extend the delights of the day, and stay for a sepal soiree, as Tai Kwun’s restaurants and shops offer petalled-themes plates and lifestyle offerings. 



Floral Shopping & Lifestyle Offerings


112 mountainyam

Selected Floral Print items 50% off + free jewelry

Who said flowers only belong in pots? Refresh your wardrobe as all floral print items are 50% off and come with a free piece of jewellery.


Mounted Staghorn Fern Workshop  

Release your inner gardener and show off your green thumb with an “In Bloom” Mounted Staghorn Fern Workshop.

LockCha Tea Shop

Floral Cold Brew Tea Workshop

Because honey isn’t the only delectable nectar, replenish yourself with a Cold Brew Tea Workshop.

Phoenix Sweets

Flower-themed handmade confectioneries

Blooming with flavour, nibble on handmade confectioneries, including mini cakes, cupcakes and cookies.


Paper Blossom - 15% off on Flower theme titles

Indulge in an herbaceous read and enjoy a special discount of 15% off on Flower theme titles.



Floral Dining Offerings


Café Claudel

Délice du Jardin Rose

The perfect afternoon delight, special cupcakes will be served mid-day.


Madame Fù - Grand Café Chinois

Dim Sum In Bloom 

Delicious “In Bloom” themed Dim Sum will be on offer to fuse together the best of local eats and botanical treats.

The Dispensary

Limited-Edition Flower Dessert & Cocktail with Afternoon Tea

Sip on the taste of early summer with the Limited-Edition Flower Dessert & Cocktail with Afternoon Tea.



Spending Rewards

Budding in botanical rewards 

During the Flower Market, Tai Kwun visitors who spend accumulated HK$500 or above at In Bloom partner’s booths, will also receive a HK$50 Tai Kwun cash voucher* that may be used at selected shops and restaurants at Tai Kwun .

*Terms & Conditions apply

Terms and Conditions:

  1. From 26 to 29 May 2022, Tai Kwun visitors who spend accumulated HK$500 or above at In Bloom partner’s booths, will also receive a HK$50 Tai Kwun cash voucher that may be used at all shops and restaurants at Tai Kwun .
  2. Customers should first sign up as a Tai Kwun Fan (i.e. to create a Tai Kwun account, subscribe and fill in their preferences), register on the Tai Kwun App to receive a redemption QR code and present the QR code and original receipts at the Visitor Services at Block 03, Tai Kwun to redeem the cash voucher.
  3. There is no upper limit in the number of cash voucher redemption per Tai Kwun Fans account.
  4. Each eligible receipt is entitled to one redemption registration only.
  5. Cash vouchers are available on a first-come, first-served basis while stock lasts.
  6. The use of cash vouchers is subject to the terms and conditions printed thereon.
  7. No replacement will be issued for the loss of receipts.
  8. The receipts will be invalid if found defaced or damaged.
  9. Tai Kwun reserves the right to make the final decision in the case of any disputes.

Redemption Period: 26-29 May 2022


We’ve launched our In Bloom 2022 Instagram Story Filter. So, go on and give it a try and get in the mood to bloom!

*The area shown in the photo were cleared during photo taking with no public access. All visitors are required to wear their masks inside Tai Kwun. Visitors not wearing masks may not be allowed to enter or stay in Tai Kwun, or participate in tours and workshops.