Hong Kong Arts Festival: Havana Divas (2019 Director’s Cut) Screening and post-screening talk
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Cantonese Opera has over a century of ocean-crossing history, yet Caridad Amaran, the Havana diva with no Chinese blood, has often conjured the unlikely image of a Chinese princess. At fifteen, Caridad became the leading actress of Kwok Kwong Theatre Troupe and performed with famous stars from Hong Kong, San Francisco, and New York. The dreamy days ended when Havana was taken by Castro’s revolutionaries. When Caridad picked up Cantonese Opera again with her stage sister, the once glamorous Havana Chinatown was already worn out. 

Director S. Louisa Wei took six years to complete the documentary Havana Divas (2018). Now in 2019, the documentary includes added footage from the crew’s revisit in early 2019, with the director completing the 2019 Director’s Cut just in time for its Arts Festival Premiere.

These extraordinary Cuban stars of yesteryear will share with audiences of the Hong Kong Arts Festival their journey of spreading the operatic arts in the Caribbean. 15-17 March at the Yau Ma Tei Theatre. For details, please check www.hk.artsfestival.org.

Time Programme
7:30pm-9:15pm Movie Screening
9:15pm-9:45pm Post-screening talk by Director Louisa Wei and Producer Law Kar

Tickets | $90

The screening will last for approximately 100 minutes without intermission.

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