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Performing Arts Programme

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Performing Arts Programme
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Cine Fan is proud to present the inaugural programmes tailored for Tai Kwun, featuring classic films centering around law and order as well as a centenary retrospective of Ingmar Bergman, the late Swedish master filmmaker. If you enjoy crime and legal dramas, revel in European existential angst or simply enjoy great movies, Tai Kwun is the place for you.

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17.06 | 2pm  
17.06 | 4pm  Seminar on Long Arm of the Law 
17.06 | 5:30pm  In the Heat of the Night 

18.06 | 2:30pm  Bullitt
18.06 | 5pm  Dirty Harry
18.06 | 7:30pm  The Tale of Princess Kaguya 

30.06 | 2:30pm  Dirty Money
30.06 | 5pm  Fargo
30.06 | 7:30pm  The Magic Flute

01.07 | 2:30pm  Fireworks 
01.07 | 5pm  Pom Poko
01.07 | 7pm  Seminar on Takahata Isao
01.07 | 9pm  Grave of the Fireflies
14.07 | 2:30pm  The Killer
14.07 | 5pm  Scenes from a Marriage (1-3)
14.07 | 8pm  Scenes from a Marriage (4-6)
15.07 | 2:30pm  Only Yesterday
15.07 | 5pm  The French Connection
15.07 | 7:30pm  Bonnie and Clyde