Hand Drawn Animation Workshop

Hand Drawn Animation Workshop

Date & Time

26 Jun - 24 Jul, 2019 (Elementary Class) 11am–2pm; (Advance Class) 7pm-10pm (Please refer to the programme introduction)


A Hall Studio 2 & 3


(Elementary Class) $800; (Advance Class) $1200


It is far too common to see characters in animation dash at will in the sky or on land; nevertheless, it takes meticulousness and tirelessness to render bodily movements even as simple as raising a hand into lively and engrossing depictions. Drawing styles and visual treatments in animations may seem exaggerated and unrealistic and yet they can always generate a forceful and concrete impact. Our Hand Drawn Animation Workshop returns to the origins of animation, and shows participants the fundamentals of animation, guiding them to create their own animations through appreciation and practice.

Three veteran animators Andrew Chen, Cheng Shang Yan and Honkaz Fung will have the participants use traditional methods in creating hand drawn animations line by line. The students will be able to use tools such as peg-bars, punchers, among others, to experience an animation creation process that is entirely different from the now standardised, digital process.

There will be an elementary class and an advance class; we welcome people of all ages to join the elementary class, while for the advance class it is advised that the participants should have some basic drawing ability.

*The classes will be conducted in Cantonese

Classes Overview

Elementary Class (Intake Quota: 15)
Date: 30.06, 14.07, 21.07
Time: 11am–2pm
Price: $800
Venue: A Hall Studio 2 & 3

Session 1: Stills/Stop Motion Animation
Session 2: Flip Book Animation
Session 3: Animation Appreciation and Clay Animation

Advance Class (Intake Quota: 15)
Date: 26.06, 03.07, 10.07, 17.07, 24.07
Time: 7pm-10pm
Price: $1200

Venue: A Hall Studio 2 & 3

Session 1: Animation Appreciation and Flip Book Animation
Session 2: Morphing Animation and Movements
Session 3: Limited Animation and the Techniques of “In-Between” Drawing
Session 4: Looping Animation
Session 5: Facial Expression Animation


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Andrew Chen
Having joined the animation industry in 1985, Chen trained and worked in Quantum Studio. While studying in Tokyo in 1993, Chen also worked as a freelance animator; he had participated in several TV animations, including Slam Dunk, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball etc. In 1995 Chen joined the New Visual Effect Studio founded by Tsui Hark as Executive Director and Art Director, and was mainly responsible for the feature animation A Chinese Ghost Story—which won the Golden Horse Award for Best Animation and was chosen as one of the Recommended Films by the Hong Kong Film Critics Society in 1997. Chen then joined Centro Digital Pictures Limited as Animation Director and Advertisement Animator. In 2010, Chen served as the Creative Director in the animation studio Ark Union, focusing on the animation production in commercials and films.

Honkaz Fung
Fung was raised in a rural village in Hong Kong. Since an early age, Fung was obsessed with comic books and subsequently worked at a comic publishing house after he failed the senior high school entrance exam. In 1997, Fung participated in the pre-production of Storm Raiders, handling the storyboard and special effect design of the film. Thereafter Fung was increasingly involved in film, animation and commercial productions, which included Shaolin Soccer, Curse of the Golden Flower, McDull, Prince de la Bun etc. Fung also directed TV episodes for RTHK, and had curated film festivals and Hong Kong Film Archive’s film programmes. Fung is now on the Board of Directors of Film Culture Centre (Hong Kong), and he is also the Founder Member of Cantonese Cinema Study Association and the Guest Lecturer of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

Cheng Shung Yan
Cheng was the 2D and 3D animator of Quantum Studio, and then joined Centro Digital Pictures Limited as Animation Director and Producer. In 1997, Cheng was promoted to General Producer of the Digital Special Effect department, and served as Animation Producer, Special Effect Director and Director for commercials of Coca-Cola, Lucozade, McDonald’s among others in over a decade. In 2013 Cheng directed his first animation feature Tale of the Rally and expanded his working network from Hong Kong to Southeast Asia.