Good Morning Tai Kwun

Good Morning Tai Kwun

Good Morning Tai Kwun

TK Fans Exclusive | Urban Recharge

Date & Time

26 Jun - 4 Jul, 2021


Tai Kwun




Beginning this June, Tai Kwun will rise earlier each morning with gates opening up to the public at 8am, along with Rise & Dine offers at Tai Kwun restaurants and Good Morning Tai Kwun – Urban Recharge wellness happening from late June. During these exclusive early hours, the historic grounds of Tai Kwun are the perfect place to sip morning coffee, nibble on delectable breakfast plates and take in a cool breeze before the midday sun arrives. Providing a sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere to kick off the summer mornings, Tai Kwun will host an array of events in late June for early risers, with wellness programmes and other surprises.

Urban Recharge


Tai Kwun will be hosting the Urban Recharge wellness campaign in partnership with lululemon as a part of a special morning routine, launching 28 June and running until 4 July, from 8:30AM–11AM. Join Tai Kwun Fans to receive an exclusive wellness gift (while stock lasts).

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Urban Recharge offers a wide range of yoga classes hosted by lululemon ambassadors. Whether you’re a newbie to yoga or an experienced yogi, Tai Kwun has got you covered. For those that are new to the yoga scene. Chill Flow offers participants the unique opportunity to fuse elements of the ancient Chinese practice of Qi Gong with yoga. Meanwhile, Barre x Yoga is the perfect for yogis who are looking to incorporate more rigorous movements into their early morning yoga stretches, as it blends elements from different exercise styles including ballet and Pilates.

After the wellness sessions have reached their end, participants needn’t stop stretching their legs, as Tai Kwun will offer an Exclusive Tai Kwun Guided Tour every day after the morning fitness session. Tour joiners will enjoy the privilege of visiting hidden areas currently unavailable to the public, as part of the exclusive offer. Afterwards, with plenty of teas and coffees to select from Café Claudel and Lockcha Tea House, participants can indulge in some late morning bites to help them refuel and embark on their upcoming summer day.

Date:   28 June – 4 July, 2021

Time:   8:30AM – 11AM

Fee:    $150  Book Now

(Limited slots per day.)

Urban Recharge Tickets Include:

  • A 45-mins wellness session hosted by lululemon ambassadors from 8:30am at the historical grounds of Tai Kwun
  • An exclusive guided tour to discover some hidden locations at Tai Kwun
    • 1st guided tour: 9:30am – 10am | 2nd guided tour: 10:30am – 11am
  • Exclusive breakfast offerings at Café Claudel and Lockcha Tea House
  • Join Tai Kwun Fans to receive an exclusive wellness gift (while stock lasts)
  • Receive a Raze Original Travel Size Antibacterial Spray

•              Please bring water to stay hydrated and towel. Wear comfortable sports apparel that you can move in. 
•              Yoga mat is available on site for class participants’ usage, and you’re welcomed to bring your own mat if preferred.

*Max. capacity per session applies. First reserved, first served.

lululemon wellness class details


lululemon ambassador | Class


28 June 2021

Gianni Melwani | De-Stress with Yoga


29 June 2021

Maggie Lin | Chill Flow


30 June 2021

Tiffany Lau & Alice Siu | Barre x Yoga


1 July 2021

Sally Tse | Yoga to Twist & Balance


2 July 2021

Brian Lai | Wim Hof Method: Reset & Recharge


3 July 2021

Jen MacKay | Morning Movement & Sweat


4 July 2021

Athena Wong | Mindful movement and Crystal Bowl Meditation


lululemon Ambassadors

Gianni Melwani | 28.06.21
Maggie Lin | 29.06.21
Tiffany & Alice | 30.06.21
Sally Tse | 01.07.21
Brian Lai | 02.07.21
Jen MacKay | 03.07.21
Anthea Wong | 04.07.21

Date: 28.06.21

De-Stress with Yoga (English Session)

The class places emphasis on breathing deeply with full awareness, while also learning how to physically release tension in key areas of the body.

Date: 29.06.21

Chill Flow (Cantonese Session)

Integrating qigong elements into a vinyasa yoga flow, Chill Flow is both soothing and energising.

Date: 30.06.21

Barre x Yoga (Cantonese Session)

This Barre x Yoga class combines ballet conditioning, Pilates, yoga and meditation to strengthen your core, lengthen your muscles, center your mind and lift your spirits.

日期: 01.07.21

Yoga to Twist & Balance (Cantonese Session)

Twists stimulate circulation and bring a detoxifying effect, they also provide relief to the back and make your spine happy. With balancing poses we cultivate focus and core awareness.

Date: 02.07.21

Wim Hof Method: Reset & Recharge (English Session)

Experience a new level of mind and body with the Wim Hof Method breathing technique. Learn the powerful tool used by Navy SEALs, Silicon Valley execs, UFC Fighters to de-stress, regulate their state and achieve their best.

日期: 03.07.21

Morning Movement & Sweat (English session)

Start your morning with a dynamic and full-body workout that will leave you feeling invigorated and challenged.

Date: 04.07.21

Mindful movement and Crystal Bowl Meditation (Cantonese Session)

Crystal Bowl Sound Healing is utilized to bring the mind, body and soul into deep states of alignment and clarity, and find your inner peace.

Rise & Dine

Perk up your summer morning with a cup of coffee or delectable breakfast dishes at the historic grounds of Tai Kwun.

Cafe Claudel 
Breakfast & Brunch Menu 
Date: From 01.06.2021 onwards
Available from:
8am–12pm (Mon-Fri)
8am-4pm (Sat-Sun)  
LockCha Tea House
Traditional Cantonese Style Dim Sum Set

Date: From 01.06.2021 onwards
Available from:
8am-10am (Mon-Sun) 

- Steamed rice noodles rolls with Kowloon Soy Co. soy sauce
- Selected steam bun & dim sum (2 pcs)
Price: $40 (+$15 for LockCha Cold Brew Tea)