Gishiki x Timeless & Tasty Whisky Tasting

Gishiki x Timeless & Tasty Whisky Tasting

Date & Time

24 Apr 2021 3pm-5pm / 6pm-8pm


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Gishiki Lounge

A fun whisky tasting session allowing whisky lovers of all degrees to taste different whiskies and learn more about whisky culture in a relaxed environment. A great opportunity to meet other whisky lovers and share your experiences together. You will be able to sample more than 20 premium Scotch whiskies selected by the Founder of Timeless & Tasty, Hil, covering various regions and brands. One of the highlights of the tasting session will be The Whisky Trail Set, 4 bottles with a market price of almost $14,000.

Date: 24.04.2021
Time: 3pm-5pm / 6pm-8pm
Price: $300
Enrollment: CLICK

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