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Family Day at Tai Kwun Contemporary

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Date & Time

22 Jun - 4 Aug, 2024 1:30pm – 3:30pm & 4pm - 6pm


JC Contemporary, F Hall Studio or JC Cube


$245 (including workshop and entry fee for one adult and one child per session)


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Welcome to Tai Kwun Contemporary’s Family Day! In parent-child relationships, parents and children serve as each other’s mirrors, just as the demands and judgements we make of one another serve as reflections of ourselves. When we communicate, the words and phrases we use as our main means of expression have the power to create positive outcomes. They can also be twisted and misinterpreted, resulting in negative effects. Family Day encourages parents and children to deepen their understanding of each other's perspectives through artistic dialogue and connection as they explore the possibilities that arise during the creative process.
The Bruce Nauman exhibition features works representing the artist’s entire creative life. Bruce Nauman is particularly good at breaking up words and then reassembling them, using what the viewer understands and thinks about an artwork to bring new meanings to it. This Family Day workshop will be led by local artists MUDWORK, who hope that getting creative with words and phrases will encourage parents and kids to talk about how they communicate. Parents and children will create an artwork with light, using words or phrases that they have chosen from their daily interactions to describe each other. Whether the words they choose are funny, light-hearted, or difficult to share, they are certain to open up a dialogue between parents and children. As their words flow across a wooden board, they will see it is possible to appreciate each other, even when they don’t see everything in the same way. 

This artist-led programme welcomes any child aged five or older to participate, accompanied by a parent/guardian. 

Workshops will be conducted in Cantonese.
Ticketing information: $245 (including workshop and entry fee for one adult and one child per session)
Please register and pay in advance online. 

Artist Bio


MUDWORK, an art and design studio founded by artists Chung Wai Ian and Ng Ka Chun in 2013, uses sculpture and installation to explore the contemporary state of urban space, community, and nature. In recent years, they have participated in several public and community art projects, including Art in MTR, Hi! Hill, and M+ Rover. Their work Cement Ping Pong Table was selected as part of the 2015 Public Art Scheme by the Project of Art Promotion Office.