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Family Day at Tai Kwun Contemporary

Time |
Location |
JC Contemporary / A Hall Studio at Block 11
Price |
(Family Workshop) $50; (Family Tour) $100

Join Tai Kwun Contemporary for a fun Family Day, where we’ll be hosting a range of gallery activities and children workshops. All our activities are designed to welcome 1 parent/guardian participating together with 1 child (5+ years).

Register now! Come spend the day with us and learn about art!

Family Tour “Gallery Fun”

Family Workshops “Neko-mask” and “1000 Eyes Jelly Fish”
11am–12:00pm | 1000 Eyes Jelly Fish
12:15pm–1:15pm | Neko-mask
2:00pm–3:00pm | 1000 Eyes Jelly Fish
3:15pm–4:15pm | Neko-mask
4:30pm–5:30pm | 1000 Eyes Jelly Fish

More information

Gallery Fun:
Gallery Fun consists of guiding participants through key artworks including performance, installations, videos based on the exhibition. Participants will be fully engaged in the artwork through interactive discussions and visual references in the form of an in-depth tour guide booklet.

Family Workshops:
Neko-mask: Participants will create a unique cat mask embellished with whiskers and talisman, challenging their illustrative skills and imagination.

1000 Eyes Jelly Fish: Participants will create a tactile hanging mobile built of colourful canvases and 1000 googly eyes with braided ribbons.

Family Workshop: $50 per timeslot |Family Pair (one adult with one child)
*Family Tour: $100 per timeslot | Family Pair (one adult with one child)

*Ticket includes admission to "Murakami vs Murakami" exhibition

Please register and pay on ticketflap.com/familydayattaikwuncontemporary-jun2