Every Life Is A Song

Every Life Is A Song x Tai Kwun—“Why is Santa Claus coming to town?”

Every Life Is A Song x Tai Kwun—“Why is Santa Claus coming to town?”

Time will Tell, We will Sing Every Life Is A Song Concert

Tai Kwun x Every Life Is A Song: Time Will Tell, We Will Sing Sharing and Storytelling Session

Date & Time

24 - 30 Dec, 2018 (24, 26.12.2018) 2pm; (27, 30.12.2018) 4pm


Parade Ground


Free of charge


Co-presented by
Every Life Is A Song

Santa Claus is coming to town! Is he coming to give presents to the good kids? Maybe there is something else he is coming in for at night…

Singer-songwriter Vicky Fung and lyricist Chow Yu Fai launched the social enterprise Every Life Is A Song (“ELIAS”) to write songs for different communities who collectively chart the history of our city. Co-presented by ELIAS and TAI KWUN, songs have been created by aspiring youngsters to celebrate the lives of seniors. In the winter season, let’s gather around the Christmas Tree at the Parade Ground, and sit around storyteller Helen Tam and young musicians from the Hong Kong Festival Orchestra and Voices to hear the stories and songs of our seniors. The new generation performers will interact and engage with the audience as the story develops. We invite all visitors to celebrate the glory of life and hear Santa Claus’ story retold during this festive season.

The performance will last for approximately 45 minutes without intermission.

Story-teller: Helen Tam Yuk Ying
Helen Tam is a well-known children’s TV programme host. After training at TVB’s acting course in 1980, Tam began hosting children programmes for the TV station since 1982. Her career, spanning over three decades, has established her as an evergreen icon in the entertainment business, and as a household name who has become a part of Hong Kong’s collective memory across generations.


Accompanying Orchestra: Hong Kong Festival Orchestra and Voices
The Hong Kong Festival Orchestra and Voices ("HKFO") brings together experienced local musicians educated amongst the top music institutions from around the globe. HKFO also engages in audience-interacting activities and cross-media performances, ranging from contemporary dance, drama, comedy, popular music, and other art forms. In 2013, HKFO hosted Hong Kong’s first and largest choral-orchestral flash mob. Involving more than 200 musicians, HKFO’s flash mob received universal acclaim; its video has now accrued more than 1.3 million views on YouTube, amassing viewers from all over the globe. HKFO’s flash mob was exhibited in late 2016 at the Musée de la musique at the heart of the Philharmonie de Paris as part of the “Le Mythe Beethoven” exhibition.