ÉLAN Lost Child Project HK 2022

ÉLAN Lost Child Project HK 2022

Master Land: The Romeo and Juliet Wars - Work in Progress

Our Social Land: The Perfect MATCH

Blah Blah Land: David Glass

My Story Land: The Weight of Life

No Man Is An Island: M & M Pilot Project Screening and Sharing

ÉLAN Lost Child Project HK 2022

Date & Time

2 - 3 Jul, 2022 16 - 17.04 & 02 - 03.07.2022


Online / Site-wide


Free of charge


Artistic Direction and Produced by

International Consultant

Due to adverse weather, the programmes of ÉLAN Lost Child Project HK 2022 on 2 July 2022 will be rescheduled to take place at 11am – 1:45pm, 3 July 2022 at Laundry Steps. The programme “Blah Blah Land” at 2pm – 5pm, 3 July 2022 will take place as scheduled. Registration of “Blah Blah Land” has been full and will be streamed live at Tai Kwun website and Lost Child HK Facebook page.

When the pandemic has no end in sight and the world is still in turmoil, everyone is but a "Lost Child" in the maze. In collaboration with Hong Kong theatre veteran Olivia Yan and international physical theatre master and educator David Glass, Tai Kwun will present the "ÉLAN Lost Child Project HK 2022" this year, after its first edition in 2020.

This time, we continue to focus on and think from the perspective of the youth. With "YES AND!..." as our theme – in the midst of negativity, confusion and frustration, we hold on to the power of the arts and the spirit of "YES AND!..." in confronting negative emotions and outworn mindsets, getting rid of the defeatist pattern of "YES...BUT" and rebuilding the confidence and hope of the youth and every Lost Child!

There are five categories in this year’s project:

Master Land: Physical theatre presentation and Master Class workshops

No Man Is An Island: Dance Video Production

Our Social Land: Immersive Theatre with the Community

My Story Land: Story-telling Video Production 

Blah Blah Land: Public Sharing

Creative Team

Artistic Director: Olivia Yan
International Consultant: David Glass Ensemble (UK)
Professional Advisor: Dr Paul W.C. Wong (The University of Hong Kong)
Creative Partners: Abby Chan, Eve Leung, Angela Hang, Hugh Cho, Adrian Tsing, Veronica Lee, Jimi Law, Angus Chan, Alysa Leung, Wong Po Lui Jasmin, Rico Wu, Elaine Cheung
Collaboration Partners: Christian Family Service Centre, OHH Dear, The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Tai Po Youth S.P.O.T, The Office of the Arts Administrator, Ricochet Ensemble
Media Partners: MOViE MOViE, Mingpao Weekly, 明周文化, Sky Post
Project Souvenir Support: MORAL
Accommodation Support: LKY Ltd
Acknowledgement: R & T (Rhythm & Tempo), Studiodanz, TS Crew, Zecond Floor, The Office of the Arts Administrator, CUHK, The Farm Entertainment Ltd, Karena Lam, Ali Lee, Changlin Fashi, Lai Ying, Jenny Li, Tommy Kwan, Comma Leung






House Programme

Promotion Video

About "ÉLAN Lost Child Project HK"

A 3-year project with physical theatre master and educator David Glass and O Theatre Workshop. Its core mission is to use theatre and arts to empower marginalised children and young people in Hong Kong. After the exploration rounds of workshops in 2019, "ÉLAN Lost Child Project HK" was launched in 2020 with the support of Tai Kwun.

"ÉLAN Lost Child Project HK" is a cross-disciplinary advocacy campaign using creative interventions such as training workshops and performances. With the core values of “We do not solve problems, We play problems”, social workers, arts practitioners, teachers and students are invited to further their artistic research and use various media and art forms to reach the communities.

"ÉLAN Lost Child Project HK" has received the “Arts Promotion Award” in the HKADC Hong Kong Arts Awards 2021.


Olivia Yan
David Glass

Artistic Director of O Theatre Workshop and Artistic Director of ÉLAN Lost Child Project HK

Renowned multi-talented artist in the field of Asian contemporary theatre, Olivia is a leading dramaturg, director, actress and educator. With over 30 years of experience in the performing arts industry, particularly on creation, production & education, Olivia has participated in more than 50 theatre works. She is one of the most popular artists who is frequently being invited to different art festivals, exchange and coaching. Her achievements in theatre are well-recognized among the industry and the audience. She has received numerous awards including Hong Kong Arts Development Awards Artist of the Year (DRAMA) (2014) and Rising Artist Award (Drama) (2003), Asian Cultural Council scholarship (1999), Hong Kong Drama Awards Best Actress (2000 & 2005) and Best Supporting Actress (1993).

Olivia has consistently held different workshops for professionals, corporate training, team building, lectures, etc. to share her vision and experience with artists and people from different backgrounds. She is recently working with Tai Kwun and collaborates with international theatre master David Glass to create “ELAN Lost Child Project HK”. She aspires to work with the mental health of youngsters and grown-ups through the power of performing arts and story-telling, and creates hope and new directions in the arts for the future. Bad Acting, a documentary of her acting approach, was a spectacular film production she worked with Such Films HK recently. It offered charity screenings to provide young artists the opportunity to learn with masters in the industry.

In 2021, Olivia accepted the invitation from David Glass Ensemble as associated artist. She is now appointed to be Co-opted Member of Performing Arts Committee of West Kowloon & Arts Advisor (Drama) of Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

Founder of David Glass Ensemble UK and The Lost Child Project, International Consultant of ÉLAN Lost Child Project HK

Award-winning solo performer, theatre director, writer, designer, lighting designer, filmmaker, teacher and creative thinker, David is one of the UK’s most prominent theatre directors and principal founders of the physical/visual, devised, ensemble and applied theatre movements.

In 1999, David established David Glass Ensemble and has toured productions to 32 countries. In 1997, he founded the groundbreaking Lost Child Project, working with over 10,000 street children in 22 countries. In Cambodia he wrote his five stage Creative Practice book which is now used worldwide to help organisations such as Save The Children, UNICEF, UN/ILO and numerous Universities around the world helping them to think and work more creatively.