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disco forever

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HKartsFestival@TaiKwun 2024

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disco forever

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Date & Time

24 Feb - 2 Mar, 2024 Refer to programme details


F Hall


Free of charge


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HKartsFestival@TaiKwun is part of the 52nd Hong Kong Arts Festival

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#DiscoVibe #CrossGenerationInclusion #HolisticWellbeing #CommunityDance #OldiesButGoodies #MakingMemoriesNightAndDay

Afros, disco-queen curls, shoulder pads, hip-hugging bell bottoms, flamboyant floral shirts, John Travolta, Donna Summer ......Disco was all the rage in the ‘70s and ‘80s, and it left a legacy in local culture in terms of trends, music and self-identity. disco forever is a tribute this era and all of its oldies-but-goodies memories!

Modern retro hipsters will meet disco regulars from the good old days and share the joy of dancing together. Follow the Party Host to stretch your sexy body, which may be feeling the strain of life. In addition to DJs on weekend nights, there are also noon dance sessions for daytime layabouts and overworked office workers in Central to get revitalised during lunch breaks. 

Due to the restrictions of the lease, disco forever will only be open until 2 March, so register now to secure your spot under the mirror ball!

The capacity of the venue is limited. Register now to secure your spot!

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*To encourage cross-generational inclusion, participants bringing a dance partner from a different generation will enjoy priority at the event.

*Where available, walk-in admission opens 10 minutes ahead of each show

Acknowledgement: St. James’ Settlement

disco forever

24-25.02.2024; 02.03.2024 (Sat/Sun)

12:30 pm & 8 pm

28.02.2024–01.03.2024 (Wed to Fri)

12:30 pm

*No activities on 26-27 February and 3 March

Duration: approximately 90 minutes

Reception at F Hall

Free admission (registration required)

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Core Creative Personnel

Dramaturge: Zoey Lai Sim-fong (Hong Kong)

Lai Sim-fong (Dramaturge)

Lai Sim-fong completed a Master of Fine Arts degree in Theatre Practice at the University of Exeter. She has been working as a dramaturge in theatre and contemporary dance. an edible performance, a programme Lai curated for Tai Kwun, received the 2020 Good Design Award from the Japan Institute of Design Promotion. 

Her recent works include Hong Kong Repertory Theatre’s attempts on her life, Rooftop Productions’ testimony, West Kowloon Cultural District’s 100% hong kong, Tai Kwun’s remote hong kong, and the curatorial projects performance matters and tables of content for No Discipline Limited. 

Visit for a full overview of the artist and her works.