Tai Kwun Artists’ Studio 2021-22

Debe Sham – See You Around

Artists’ Studio Programme

Debe Sham – See You Around

Can you take me on your way home after sunset?

Date & Time

24 Dec 2021 11:00am-7:00pm




Free of charge



To celebrate a special Christmas amidst the pandemic, the current Tai Kwun artist-in-residence Debe Sham is giving away her homemade wooden spinning tops in honour of the resilient and energetic people of Hong Kong, including the Visitor Experience team at Tai Kwun. As the first point of contact, the Visitor Experience team offers assistance and information to visitors. This project highlights the Visitor Experience team’s presence and contribution—if you are lucky enough to find those wearing a red badge on 24 December, don’t forget to get a free mini sculpture by greeting them with the secret code “Merry Christmas!”. The artist may even be around to capture the lucky moment.