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Dancing Shadows on My Heads (Shadow Mask and Headdress Workshop)

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Dancing Shadows on My Heads (Shadow Mask and Headdress Workshop)

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Date & Time

4 Jan - 28 Feb, 2021




Free of charge


Curated by
Chen Ying Ching

We all remember a time when our hands are our best playmate – with light and shadow, we can bring imagination to life on the wall. Using simple household tools and materials, you can now create a shadow play at home and invite everyone in the family to play a role.

Inspired by Pablo Picasso's line drawings, you will learn to create your own shadow mask and headdress in this workshop. With the use of light and shadow, you will be able to create magical images and short performance.

It is time to reimagine what you have in the house with these artists and let your imagination run wild!

Workshop Facilitator and Performer
Chen Ying Ching

Workshop Assistants and Performers
Ko Ki Yan, Yip Wai Bun



  • 3mm-5mm aluminum alloy wire (can be found in some art supply stores)
  • PP plate sheets
  • EVA foam strap or book strap


  • Cutter
  • Cable tie

Lighting Tools

  • Torch, table lamp, etc.

Required Time
About 30 mins


  • Recommended for all ages

  • Children should be supervised by adult when making puppet



Chen Ying Ching
Ko Ki Yan
Yip Wai Bun

Professional puppeteer from Taiwan, Chen followed Hoshikawa Yoshio and Nishikawa Koryu Troupe to study traditional Japanese puppetry and Hachioji Kuruma Ningyo respectively from 1996-99. She then moved to Hong Kong and co-founded Fantasy Puppet later in 2005. Her creations include The Sleeping GypsyFantasy at an ExhibitionThe World Behind the ShadowBlessing of the Banyan TreeSeason of the Sweet GumFruit StoryHappy Days Toy ShopHairy the Little MacaqueShow Me OnceLet Me FreeFruit Story 3, etc.

She was also frequently invited and commissioned by different organisations including Standard Chartered Arts in the Park, Macao Cultural Affairs Bureau and The Charles K. Kao Foundation, and participates in various theatre productions. She recently created an online video programme Light Comes In for WeWeWebWeb Carnival organised by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

Freelance actress and theatre teacher, Ko graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Acting Major, with a BFA(Hons) degree in 2015. She then joined the Theatre Horizon as one-year trainee actress in 2017. In 2020, she co-founded Nobodies Theatre with her friends.

Recent engagements include Prison Holiday and Lu-Ting The Merman (2018 Edinburgh Fringe and Tai-Nan International Human Right Festival Version), Luting : Goodbye History, Hello Future, Requiem, Ten Bulls - In Search of Hidden Treasures, Drug, Century-old Dreams of A Fishing Harbour Episode III The Awakening, The Just Assassins, Faustus, Beyond the Horizon, The Black and the Blue of A Man, Century-old Dreams of a Fishing Harbour - Episode II. Nightmares, The Garden Party, Seek and Hide by Theatre Horizon; Let’s Talk About Tai O by ProjectTaiO; Mid-Night Angel by Poor Guy Diary and Killing Time by K.O the Box.

Children art education practitioner, Yip used to use doll puppet and shadow puppet to enrich his art classes and were well received by the children, since then he is passionate about puppetry. He co-founded Fantasy Puppet in 2005 and became the director of the troupe. His creations include The Sleeping Gypsy, Blessing of the Banyan Tree, Fantasy at an Exhibition, Season of the Sweet Gum, Fruit Story, Fruit Story 2, Hairy the Little Macaque, Let Me Free, Hong Kong International Arts Carnival: Happy Days Toy Shop (2012) and Show Me Once (2014). His recent works include Fruit Story 3 (2019).