SPOTLIGHT: A Season of Performing Arts

#DANCELESS complex

The Inner Études

SPOTLIGHT: A Season of Performing Arts

#DANCELESS complex

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Date & Time

15 - 17 Oct, 2021 Please refer to the programme introduction for details


Prison Yard
JC Cube


Free of charge


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Our partner Unlock Dancing Plaza will present free public workshops and performances to explore the relationship between body and methodology of choreography.

Drink and Dance

Drink and Dance

Date Location Time
16– 19.09.2021  Prison Yard 6:30pm (Around 40 mins)

Come and join us for a silent party!
Let’s get loose and cast reason, excessive speculation, and hollow meanings aside!
Come and feel the booze, relax, let go and drink till you drop!

Drink and Dance literally means to drink and to dance – imagine yourself at a party, immersed in the throbbing and excessively loud music – what is left on your mind? Perhaps it is simply a blank state, what is left is the pure joy of overindulgence.

If you’re on fire, fall.
If you’re confused, go straight.
If you drink, dance.

Concept, Creation & Performance
Chan Wai Lok

Creation & Performance
Woo Yat Hei

FreeSteps Workshop by Su Wei Chia

Date Location Time Workshop
15.10.2021 JC Cube 3pm – 5pm Professional Dancers (by invitation only)
7:30pm – 9pm Public Participants (Aged over 12)
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16.10.2021 JC Cube 10:30am – 12nn Elderly Participants (Aged over 50)
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3pm – 4:30pm  Public Participants (Aged over 12)
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Su Wei Chia started his 10-year choreographic project FreeSteps since 2013, exploring the relationship between contours, movements, images, rhythm, music, and light, in pursuit of extremes and meticulousness of bodily expression. In recent years, Su and dancers learn from each other through collaboration and together, exercises and methodologies are devised and categorized into a series of workshops, including “Creation of Shapes”, “Following and Making Ways”, “Exploration of Coordination”, “Awareness, Experience, Database”, “Choices of the Body”. This workshop employs some of the methodologies into education, leading the participants to explore their body movements, and dance freely to search for and to create endless possibilities of the body.

Workshop Leader
Su Wei Chia

Workshop Assistant
Fang Yu Ting

"#DANCELESS complex" is financially supported by the Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

The content of this programme does not reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

FreeSteps – Nini outdoor screening

FreeSteps – NiNi outdoor screening

Date Location Time
16–17.10.2021  Laundry Steps 2:00pm - 2:45pm

FreeSteps – NiNi marks the beginning of the sixth year of Su Wei Chia’s decade-long choreography project. By stepping out of the theatre and walking into the hustle and bustle of the outside world, it means that you will have a chance on meeting a dancer under the streetlight at a corner of the city – where the temperature, lighting, landscape and passersby… are all materials for the dancers to work with. Whether it is dancing by spreading or curling up the body, or with radiating elation or with throbbing pain – the texture of the body becomes phantasmagorical, the dance steps and lines eddy and flow, the shadows cast on the body as the light moves and shimmers – all together carry through a body sculpture that is working in progress.

FreeSteps – NiNi is in the pursuit of the purest essence, for it will bring about the most enlivening sense of freedom. Irrespective of its purpose, concept, allegory; without expectations for any exceedingly meticulous arrangements; and to cast aside any deeply ingrained imaginations, expectations and presuppositions – this is an enthralling battle between the dance steps and the body. Please bring along the courage of letting your imagination run free.

The programme will be screened at the semi-outdoor Laundry Steps; you may, in the flash of the moment, run into the purest form of sensation that moves your heart, one which only you can feel.


Chan Wai Lok
Su Wei Chia

CHAN Wai Lok, a Hong Kong choreographer and performer completed his studies in P.A.R.T.S. (Belgium) upon receiving scholarships from the [DNA] network supported by Creative Europe under the European Commission and the Hong Kong Jockey Club Music and Dance Fund. He previously studied in SEAD (Austria) after graduating from the Architecture Studies in the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

He premiered his latest solo Click and An Auction without Bass in 2021, unfolding perspectives in performativity and choreography. He also premiered {POV [TWINK / COUPLE (ASIAN) / EXPERIMENTAL]} and its video version POV to demonstrate the texture and connection between live and video performance.

Democratic interpretation and emancipation in audience is also one of the major genres he has been exploring in his recent solo Everyone knows what it means to think (2019) and his collaboration with Mariana Miranda, /bI'twi:n/ (2019).

He collaborated with various artists including Cristian Duarte, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Meytal Blanaru, KT Yau Cherry Leung and Joseph Lee.

In 2020, he, together with his fellows, established an independent art space, ngau4 gat1 dei6, which is an art project exploring how to operate and sustain such art space in local art scene, and sharing spatial resources with fellow artists.

Born in Kaohsiung, Su Wei Chia was inspired by Prof. Wu Su Fen. In 2004, he co-founded the HORSE Dance Theater. His numerous choreographies and collaborations include the group-created work Velocity, a winner of the 6th Taishin Arts Awards, and the autobiographical 2 Men, a collaboration with Chen Wu Kang, and the 1st prize winner and Audience’s Choice Award of the 2013 Kurt-Jooss-Preis. His ongoing FreeSteps project, launched in 2013, explores the relationship between contours, movements, characters, rhythm, music, and light; his performance at Les Hivernales – CDCN d’Avignon was described as “a succession of shocks that drive the imagination into obscure and delicious depths.”

Tai Kwun Treats

“Tai Kwun Treats” are now available for the participants of this programme! Get the vouchers and enjoy various privileged offers at designated shops and restaurants.

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