Dance en Scene 2023

Dance en Scene 2023

Tai Kwun X HKAPA: “Sherlock at Home”

On Stage Online

Tai Kwun X HKAPA: Last Ride, Fresh Eyes

Tai Kwun X HKAPA: “I go to Japan by bus”

Tai Kwun X HKAPA: “Cheers!”

Circus Movie: “Isabella”


The Happy Family: Gumbo and the Large-mouthed Monster

The Making of

The story of “Diary VII • The Story Of......”

Juggler Town

A Long Long Walk (work-in-progress)

Dance en Scene

Social Gathering Ban(d) Show

The Happy Family Work-in-Process Showcase

Terry-fying – Work-in-Progress Showcase

Dance en Scene

Jockey Club Musicus Heritage Alive Online Concerts - “Explore Tai Kwun with Classical Music”

Breathed a Sigh of Relief

Social Gathering Ban(d) Show

Om Encounter: Work-in-progress

A Lover’s Concerto

A Poem in Jail (in progress) – Happy Together Till the Next Century Comes

See You Zoom Again

The Creation of Under ∞ Line

We Are (digitally becoming) Spectacle(s)

Date & Time

3 Mar 2023 7:30pm
With post-screening sharing


Online & JC Cube


Free of charge


Co-presented by (In alphabetical order)

Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay (Singapore)

Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying) (Taiwan)

Tai Kwun – Centre for Heritage and Arts (Hong Kong)

Taichung Theater (Taiwan)

Dance films, a coming together of two art forms that empowers dance artists and filmmakers alike to rethink movements and transform storytelling. Tai Kwun joins hands with various arts centres in the region through Dance en Scene 2023, an initiative which dedicates to commission dance films that invite artists to find inspiration from sites or themes of meanings and significance, celebrating the diversity of culture and artmaking of Asian artists living in different cities.

Dance en Scene 2023 features 4 films: 

Presence (Hong Kong)
Am I Here? (Singapore)
tiaen tiamen (Taichung)
Swash (Kaohsiung)

Presence (Hong Kong)

Life is a constant change. We cannot change the past nor predict the future, whether in the fortune or the adverse, we can only live in the moment and gain the peace of mind.

A contemporary dancer is injured and can no longer dance freely. A tap dancer has lost all performance opportunities due to the pandemic. They are each facing a struggle of their own, but the sorrow is the same. What confines our mind is not the challenges we face, but how we weigh these difficulties and allow them to burden ourselves.

Focus on the present and listen deeply. Embrace and release.

Director / Scriptwriter / Composer / Musician: Wan Xing
Contemporary Dance: Natalie Mak
Tap Dance: Eric Huynh
DP / Editing: Wong Tsz Fung, Thomas
Best Boy Grip: Cheung Ho Ching, Joshua
Gaffer: Victor Wong
Best Boy Electric: Leung Kwok Pang
Drone Operator: Qoey Chan
Recording / Mixing: Chan Pui Ching
Boom Operator / Mixing: Albert Ho
Duration: 15 minutes

Am I Here? (Singapore)

Home, is it permanent or fluid?

Home, a place that seemingly calls for one’s return. What remains of the traces of connection between people and spaces amidst the evolving environment spurred by development? 

Perhaps, the moment of one’s birth begins the exploration of an inextricable web of connections. Embarking on an introspective journey, Am I Here? reimagines childhood memories to ponder on presence and absence in exploring the notions of home and familial relationships. 

Director: Eva Tang
Choreographers & Dance Artists: Chiew Peishan & Lim Chin Huat
Movement Collaborators & Performers: Jo Kwek, Kimberly Long, Ng Mun Poh & Wendy Toh Music & Sound Designers: Ferry & Vick Low
Duration: 20 minutes

tiaen tiamen (Taichung)

Zoning out, I plummet into a dream. All things thus become possible.

Hunters, hundred-pacer, water elves, and eagles are woven into this fantasy world, in which nothing needs to be defined as before.

Being in charge of music, aljenljeng tjaluvie (aka ABAO) allows electronic noises to scramble into an ambience of mountains and forests, constructing another world where reality and illusion constantly intersect each other. Graphic Designer reretan pavavaljung utilizes the imagery of glass beads to portray a recycling view of life, in which all beings are interconnected. When dancers slither like a snake, dive like an eagle, and gather and disperse like water, the boundary between dream and reality melts away, and only connections between the two remain.

Commissioned by: Taichung Theater, Taiwan
Choreography: Bulareyaung Pagarlava
Film Director: Mon Cher Ho
Music Director: ABAO 阿爆(阿仍仍)
Music Arranger & Mixer: Wenna
Dancers: aulu tjibulangan, giljigiljaw tjaruzaljum, Kwonduwa Takio, Siyang Sawawan, Liay Kitoh, Awi Pawan, Chen Sheng-chih
Produced by: Bulareyaung Dance Company
Director of Photography: Tang Chien-che
1st Assistant Cameraman: Shie Dong-lin
Chief Lighting Technician: Emile Peng
Assistant Lighting Technicians: Yang Yu-jun, Chen Yu-fan, Geng Jing-xiang
Makeup & Hair Artist: Paggy Ko
Makeup Assistant: Jens
Photographer & BTS editor: Pungiya KAO
Duration: 11 minutes

Swash (Kaohsiung)

Humans are spray and sand.

Did he affect you? Did you change him?

What’s left? What’s taken?

Inspired by how waves hit the beach, this work reflects the mutual and ever-continuing influence humans exert in relationships. The artist delayed and zoomed in on the process of the influence, which then was developed into physical movements and stories.

Production Credits
A Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying) commission

Director & Cinematographer & Editor: LUO Sih-wei
Creation Partner CHOU Shu-yi
Choreographer WANG Yeu-kwn
Dancers & Co-choreographers: LEE Yin-ying, TIEN Hsiao-tzu
Music, Sound Design: HSU Yen-ting
Executive Producer: LIN Jou-wen
Special Thanks: Jasper WANG、CHEN Yi-en

Duration: 16 minutes


Mon Cher Ho (Film Director)
HSU Yen-ting (Music / Sound Design)
TIEN Hsiao-Tzu (Dancer & Co-choreographer)
LEE Yin-ying (Dancer & Co-choreographer)
WANG Yeu-kwn (Choreographer)
CHOU Shu-yi (Creation Partner)
LUO Sih-wei (Director & Cinematographer & Editor)
Wenna (Music Arranger & Mixer)
aljenljeng tjaluvie (aka “ABAO”) (Music Director)
Wan Xing (Concept/Director/Composer/Musician)
Bulareyaung Pagarlava (Choreography)
Lim Chin Huat (Co-choreographer & Dancer)
Chiew Peishan (Co-choreographer & Dancer)
Eva Tang (Director)
Victor (Gaffer)
Thomas Wong (DP/Editing)
Natalie Mak (Contemporary Dance)
Eric Huynh (Tap Dance)

tiaen tiamen (Taichung)

Graduated from the Department of Chinese Literature, Chengchi University in Taiwan, Mon Cher Ho devotes himself to theater documentation, film creation, film production and commercial filming. Ho has a long-term collaboration with B.DANCE, a modern dance company in Taiwan. His works include INNERMOST and No Man’s Land. In 2021, he filmed Not Afraid of the Sun and Rain by the Bulareyaung Dance Company, and In Between by the Shinehouse Theatre. His dance film Chasser was shortlisted in the international competition of the Bucharest International Dance Film Festival in 2017.

Swash (Kaohsiung)

Using sound as a primary creation medium, HSU Yen-ting investigates sound's cultural context and texture. Her works often reflect the relationship between sounds, environment, individual and/or collective memories and emotions. Interweaving field recordings with electronic sounds and objects, Hsu keeps exploring and experimenting with documentary and fiction/narrative and imaginary elements of recorded sounds. Using other art mediums and disciplines, HSU creates installations, performances, audio documentaries, electro-acoustic music, and more. She collaborates with dance theatres and films as a sound designer/composer. Her work has been shown at Taipei Artist Village, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taitung Art Museum, Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project (Taiwan), Taipei International Documentary Festival, Asian Meeting Festival (Japan) in Taipei Arts Festival, Festival Film Dokumenter (Indonesia), Toyama Glass Art Museum(Japan), Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (Australia), Fremantle Arts Centre(Australia), Lacking Sound Festival and On-Site (Taiwan), Liquid Architecture(Australia), Arte Radio (France), Resonance fm (UK), among others.

Swash (Kaohsiung)

TIEN Hsiao-Tzu was born in 1984 in Tainan as a freelance choreographer, dancer, and performer in Taipei. TIEN puts the focus of her choreography research on human emotions shaped by time, history, culture, and environment. She also develops the potential of body and movements through international exchange and collaboration with theatre or performance arts, keeping connected with foreign cultures and other disciplines. The work, Masses co-created by WANG Shih-wei, LI Tzi-mei, Helmi FITA won the Performing Arts Award of the 18th Taishin Arts Award in 2020. In 2016, she was selected by the Ministry of Culture of Taiwan for the artist residency program in Paris. Her work The Hole was nominated for Taishin Arts Award in 2015. Her works have been premiered at Taipei Arts Festival, Dance Massive (Melbourne), and America Dance Festival, among others. The Hole and Stem have been presented respectively in Avignon, Shenzhen Contemporary Theatre Biennale and Dance Bridges Festival (Kolkata). Drifting Dust, the dance video she created with artist CHIH Cheuk-lam, has been exhibited in Kaohsiung, Chiayi (Taiwan) and Madrid (Spain).

Swash (Kaohsiung)

LEE is the co-founder of Shimmering Production. After graduating from the Taiwan University of Arts, LEE worked with several professional dance companies in Taiwan and received a scholarship to the American Dance Festival in 2007. LEE then joined Cloud Gate 2 from 2009 to 2019; during that period, she cooperated with world-renowned Taiwanese choreographers such as CHENG Tsung-lung, WU Kuo-chu, Bulareyaung Pagarlava, SUN Shang-chi, and HUANG Yi. She also toured with the company to participate in dance festivals and performances at the Joyce Theater, New York City Center, Sadler's Wells Theatre, Esplanade-Theatres on the Bay, International Tanzmesse NRW Duesseldorf and Shanghai International Arts Festival. As a senior dancer, in addition to continuing to explore the various possibilities of performances, LEE has participated in cross-border video shooting, dramatic body action design, and sharing physical skills with professional dancers and non-professionals. She hopes that through the sorting and inheritance of physical experience, she can help to guide more people to know themselves better through dance.

Swash (Kaohsiung)

In addition to exploring the connections and disconnections between people and cities, people and environs, WANG Yeu-kwn cares about bodily alienation in urbanity. His works experiment space and objects to deconstruct movements and propose philosophical questions in contemporary times through dance. Since the founding of Shimmering Production, WANG has focused his artistic approach toward dance creation and arts diffusion practice. He has recently collaborated with Cloud Gate Theater, Taichung Theater, Treasure Hill Artist Village, and the Kaohsiung Center for the Arts to engage workshops, choreography commissions, and performances.

Swash (Kaohsiung)

CHOU Shu-yi starts from the body and communicates with the world through dance and choreography. He focuses on the relationship between human beings and society. In his past creations and actions, he can capture the powers of cross-disciplinary collaboration to address the publicness of arts. His creations focus on the value of life and reflect the state of individuals or collectives in different social contexts. Through his creations, CHOU Shu-yi makes propositions of a “body vocabulary that is specifically Asian” in theatre, non-traditional theatre and dance videos. He continues to create as he travels to different sites and places. In 2020, he was invited as the Weiwuying's first artist-in-residence and had been living in has been living in Kaohsiung ever since.

Swash (Kaohsiung)

As a dancer with abundant performing experiences, LUO officially became a freelance image artist in 2021. With a base in performing arts, he believes in the infinite possibilities of transforming the arts into images. He is committed to present the delicate perspective and the story of performing arts.

tiaen tiamen (Taichung)
Wenna is a record producer from the new generation in Taiwan, known professionally as Ń7ä. In 2019, her first album Panorama is released under the stage name Ń7ä and won the 11th Golden Indie Music Awards for Best Electronic Album; the following year the single zaljum, in collaboration with ABAO and the Amis rapper R.fu, won the Best Electronic Song at the 12th Golden Indie Music Awards again. Other collaborators include YELLOW, No Party For Cao Dong, Black Swan dance consultant Francesca Harper, etc.

tiaen tiamen (Taichung)

ABAO is from the Paiwan tribe of Taitung, a county on the east coast of Taiwan. She has received a total of five Golden Melody Awards, including Best Vocal Group in 2004, Best Indigenous Language Album in 2017, and Song of the Year, Album of the Year, and Best Indigenous Language Album in 2020. In 2014, ABAO, together with her grandmother and her mother, sang in an all-Paiwan album The East Payuan Folk And Three Generations. In 2016, she released her first solo album vavayan.Women in her mother tongue. In 2019, she published her second written Paiwan album Mother Tongue. In 2021, she made her first compilation album N1: Nanguaq No.1 on indigneous originals. Through collaboration, she hopes that the voices of the younger generation could thus have a broader and more diverse cultural representation.

Presence (Hong Kong)
Wan Xing has received numerous awards, including the Best Award 2002 in the First Chinese Folk Instruments Competition of the Ministry of Culture, the Gold Award in the Second International Guzheng Competition 2011, and the Best Instructor Award 2013 in the Third International Guzheng Contest.

In her role as a creative artist and curator, Wan’s music is often perceived as spiritual with Oriental aesthetics, healing yet minimal. She masters diversified music styles and crossovers in different realm of art. She has been invited by many top-tier performing units and museums to compose Zheng works including the Hong Kong Museum of Art, the Hong Kong Space Museum and The Hong Kong Dance Company performing in grand original dance poem. She appeared in many of the Wuji Ensemble’s performances including a multimedia cross-disciplinary theatre. Her live music performance reached Italy in 2019, as concerts host and opening performing guest at the Arpe del Mondo Festival.

Her music talents and artistic sense is evidenced by the Leisure and Cultural Service Department’s invitation to produce four original music videos for “Heartstrings of the Guzheng” as Artistic Director.

Wan has founded the Inner Music Innovative Culture Ltd to facilitate cross-platform creativity in arts and music productions.

tiaen tiamen (Taichung)
Bulareyaung Pagarlava is from the Paiwan tribe of Taiwan. He aspired to become a dancer when he was twelve. After he graduated from the Dance Department, Taipei University of the Arts, Bulareyaung joined the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre. He was awarded a fellowship by the Asian Cultural Council to study in New York in 1998, and has created dance pieces for the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre, Cloud Gate 2, and the Martha Graham Dance Company. Bulareyaung was selected as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons of Taiwan in 2012. He went back to his hometown Taitung and founded t\he Bulareyaung Dance Company in 2015.

Am I Here?  (Singapore)
A visual artist who ventures into theatre and later dance, Chin Huat is a cross-disciplinary artist and a recipient of the prestigious Young Artist Award conferred by the National Arts Council, Singapore in 2000. A recipient of Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Distinguished Alumni Medal, Chin Huat is a familiar name in Singapore’s dance scene. The former co-founder and artistic director of ECNAD (1996 – 2013) has an oeuvre of over 100 creative works, mainly full-length dance since 1993. He is currently a senior faculty member of Intercultural Theatre Institute.

His creative commissioned works have been part of the Asia Interaction (Yogyakarta,1999 & 2001), Actor Studio (Kuala Lumpur, 2000), 35th Belgrade International Theatre Festival (2021), Festival of Asia (New Zealand, 2001), Singapore Arts Festival (2002), Beijing’s Chaoyang Cultural Centre (2005), Mercedes-Benz Asia Fashion Award (2006), National Day Parade (2007 & 2008), Singapore River Festival (2008 & 2009), Wiener Festwochen, Asian Village (Vienna, 2009), Esplanade Raw Series (2011), MediaCorp Star Awards (2011), NUS Arts Festival (2011), Gardens by The Bay Opening Finale (2012), SPH Zaobao 90th Anniversary (2013), Teochew Festival (2014), Maritime Silk Road International Arts Festival (Quanzhou, 2017), 2nd Nanyin International Youth Festival (2018), NAFA 80th Anniversary (2018), SeptFest in March (Substation 30th Anniversary Finale, 2021) and many others.

A cross-disciplinary artist, Chin Huat have worked in capacities of a visual artist, actor, dancer, choreographer, director, movement director, costume designer, production designer, educator to mentor. Other than ECNAD, his creative direction, production design and movement performance works with local arts companies includes Siong Leng Musical Association, The Arts Fission company, The Finger Players, DramaBox, Nine Years Theatre, The Theatre Practice, NAFA Dance Alumni Chapter, SIFA 2015, Nanyang Collective, The Substation and others. His latest featuring performance in short film includes re:walk Telok Ayer (2022) and Guide Us (2022).

Am I Here?  (Singapore)
Peishan is a dance artist and choreographer. She graduated with a Master of Arts in Contemporary Dance from London Contemporary Dance School, with the support of National Arts Council Arts Scholarship (Overseas) of Singapore.

Peishan draws from her lived experiences to craft autobiographical fiction. Engaging the body as the central medium, her works explore the connections and tensions between reality and imagination, and situate in the in-between of subjective truth and inventive representation. She received commissions to create for Frontier Danceland, Re: Dance Theatre, T.H.E Second Company, Dance in Situ, as well as LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore Management University and National University of Singapore. Her works have been performed in Esplanade da:ns Festival and M1 Contact Contemporary Dance Festival in Singapore, as well as in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong.

Am I Here? (Singapore)

Eva Tang was unanimously awarded Hong Kong Chinese Literature Award first prize forher prose, at the age of 21, when she was an undergrad at the University of Hong Kong. A journalist-turned-filmmaker, Eva pursued her Masters of Arts in Fiction Directing at the prestigious National Film and Television School in the United Kingdom. Her student film While You Sleep (2002) was the first short film by a Singaporean selected by the Venice Film Festival.

Her debut documentary The Songs We Sang, premiered at The Esplanade Grand Theatre, was the first sold-out film at the 2015 Singapore International Film Festival. It has also set the box office record for Singapore documentary. The Straits Times rated it one of the Best Movies of 2015. It is honoured the 10 Best Films of 2016 by China’s popular film reviewer 桃桃淘v影(ttfilm) who saw The Songs We Sang at the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival.

Presence (Hong Kong)
Victor Wong a cinematographer base in Hong Kong. Victor currently work on project like MV or TV commercial as director of photography or gaffer. He always try to explore in film technology to tell the story or present it in another way.

Presence (Hong Kong)
Thomas Wong is the founder of Chillvan Production Limited. He is a professional Videographer for 6 years and is always explore new techniques. His past works include music videos, documentary, commercials, event and wedding filming. He is a regular collaborator with apparel brand FWD insurance, MyAleshia, Hong Kong Tourism Board.

Presence (Hong Kong)
Natalie Mak is an independent dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. Mak is also a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance (500 hours) and certified Flyoga® instructor.

Mak studied Chinese Dance at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA). Mak was awarded the Spring Time Stage Productions Scholarship and the Disney Scholarship twice.

Also, Mak was nominated for Hong Kong Dance Awards “Outstanding Performing Female Dancer '' in 2017.

Mak was a full-time dancer in the City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC) during 2014 – 2020. Mak has worked with various renowned choreographers, including, Sang Jijia (the Mainland), Helen Lai (Hong Kong), Kim Jaeduk (Korea), Kristina Chan (Australia) etc.

Mak recent choreographic works include: 1/2 TBC presented by Hong Kong Dance Alliance “New Force in Motion” Series (2021), Wandering Stone presented by CCDC Dancer Homework (2016).

Mak has also developed profound interests in Singing Bowl Therapy and Yoga in recent years. Mak wishes to merge dance with well-being awareness and spirituality, so as to promote a body-mind aligned aesthetic.

Presence (Hong Kong)

Eric Huynh graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA), majoring in Musical Theatre Dance. He is the Founder of Musical Trio, local musical creative group in Hong Kong. Eric has attained the ISTD Intermediate Tap Certificate with distinction. During his program of study, he was awarded scholarships from the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation Scholarships and has performed on a study tour to Guang Zhou.

Eric was active in various genres of art groups. He was the performer for 3AMI, HKREP, HKDC, Theatre Noir, DanceArt, Actor Family, 7A drama group among others…Eric also has taught at numerous groups, including CCDC dance center, HKAPA EXCEL…Eric currently is freelance performer, choreographer and dance teacher.