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Circus Camp for Professionals – Master Class by Fraser Hooper the Clown

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20 - 26 Dec, 2023 3pm - 7pm




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Heroes or martial arts masters with skill in wielding the 18 kinds of weapons are always on a quest travelling across rivers and lakes to reach the end of the world. Nowadays in the 21st century, have you ever imagined them showing up in five minutes with just a text from you? In the busking world of Circus Wulin, just at the tip of your fingers, you will be meeting all the heroes at the appointed place, juggling with their master skills and generating power from your high-fives to open up the rift in time and bring you back to the ideal chivalrous world.

Legends of the Condor Heroes has been a collective memory of Hong Kong of recent generations. Macau PO Art Studio, which is familiar with the topography of Tai Kwun, turns their secret art recipes into a takeaway experience called “Circus x Arts Delivery ''. By allowing audiences to place orders of masters and street acrobatics to be delivered in a specified time and location within Tai Kwun via mobile phones, the entire Tai Kwun will become an urban rhapsody of heroes and martial arts masters, indulging your wish to enter the heroic circus world.


  • Each delivery will take approx. 10 minutes
  • Walk-in registration
  • You will need your smart phone

Co-creators: Leong Son U (Macau), Fong Sio Hang (Macau)

Performers: Nominjargal Chalkhaa, Steven Chung, Wong Cheuk Man, Kwok Ho Fai, Anson Leung, CCH44, Lee Wai Lok, Yoyo Wing, Tang Ho Yeung, Godfrey Yu, Cheung Ka Wai, Jason Fong

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About PO Arts

PO Art Studio is a newly established non-profit performing arts group in Macau. Our members come from different fields of creators, aiming to break through the boundaries of individual creation and piece together the art in our hearts. In recent years, we have been engaged in interdisciplinary collaborations, exploring the possibilities of theatrical arts, and using art to connect with society and reflect on life.


Nominjargal Chalkhaa
Steven Chung Yi Cheng
Anson Leung
鈴Firm – Wong Cheuk Man & Kwok Ho Fai
Lee Wai Lok
Yoyo Wing
Tang Ho Yeung
Godfrey Yu
Anson Ng
Cheung Ka Wai
Jason Fong

Antipode and Hula hoop

I'm a Circus Artist. Skilled, experienced, and versatile circus acrobat for nearly 15 years of performance. Performing for people is what I love to do. Ability to plan, organize & work under pressure. Successfully worked as a part of a team and independently. Seeks professional and freelance opportunities in the Circus industry.

Steven has been involved in circus related performances for approximately eleven years, specialise in ball juggling, contact juggling and balance ladder. His performances incorporate elements of circus arts, including juggling, balance, music, magic, and drama, creating a multidisciplinary fusion of skills. His experience includes street performances, theater shows, and stage performances, among other occasions.

Contact juggling, 8 Ring, Buugeng

I was born in Guangzhou in 1985. In 2004, during my university years, I started learning magic. In 2008, I opened a magic specialty store in Guangzhou. It was there that I first came into contact with crystal balls.

I was fascinated by the visual effects of magic and couldn't resist diving deeper into practicing magic. Eventually, I participated in the Chinese Magic Mirror TV show and the China's Got Talent show, showcasing my skills. In my free time, I performed at various business events, cocktail parties, and opening ceremonies.

However, it was during a trip to France that I stumbled upon a street performer captivating the audience with visual artistry and juggling. Upon my return, I relentlessly practiced and mastered the performance of visual circle rings and martial blades.

「鈴Firm」 is established in July 2023. It is the diabolo team of the Hong Kong Echo Juggling, which is composed of 4 local diabolo players in Hong Kong. The team aimed to promote the local diabolo culture and let more people know about the sport of diabolo.

The 2 members of 「鈴Firm」, Wong Cheuk Man and Kwok Ho Fai will perform in Circus Wulin. This is also the first public performance of the team.

One of the members in “鈴Firm” –Wong Cheuk Man has been juggling for ten years. The main juggling events are involved in diabolo, juggling spinning plate and juggling balls. Now he is a full-time juggling instructor, which is committed to promoting juggling culture,and introducing the motto of “progress cannot stop”.

One of the members in “鈴Firm” – Kwok Ho Fai has been playing diabolo for 6 years.

He is a local “one diabolo” player. He summarises his juggling life as “Diabolo is fun and so cool”.

He performed in the 2018 "KEN YOU THROW Moon Landing Yoyo & Kengama Juggling Promotion Competition". He left a deep impression on many spectators and jugglers.

Ho Fai always watches and learns the tricks from other great seniors and masters. Therefore, Ho Fai has many new and special tricks, and he will share the tricks in the performance.


Born in different eras, he was exposed to YoYo for various reasons and had different impressions of it: Before the 80s, it was a soda brand, and the classic tricks were mainly based on patterns. For those who was born in the 90s, yoyo was promoted through animations, and the classic tricks included one called "nuclear fission" online. It wasn't until recent years when short video platforms became popular that even elementary and middle school students know about the DNA trick, where they balance the YoYo on their fingertip and spin it back.

However, these fragments only reflect a glimpse of the whole picture. From the variety of styles, competition systems, to even the craftsmanship of the products, participants and equipment in the shake movement constantly strive for perfection, thus forming a transnational industry structure and cultural sphere.

From being a participant to joining the referee team, from local competitions to international tournaments, from being a consumer to becoming a full-time promoter, CCH44 has truly experienced and witnessed the growth of this cultural sphere. In order to help the general public better understand the world of YoYo sports, CCH44's performance framework is derived from the competition system and is tailored to the event theme. Through watching the performances, the audience can personally experience the beauty of YoYo sports, akin to that of dance.

Plate Spinning

Full-time Juggling instructor and performer. Member of CBO Juggling Team.

Lok started practicing juggling in 2008. Since then he has actively taken part in local and overseas juggling competitions, received numerous awards. He pursued a full time performing and coaching life in 2019. Majoring in plate spinning and complemented with other juggling practices, music and tricking, Lok creates his own style of juggling art.

This year, Lok embarks on a working holiday in Australia to experience life abroad and explore foreign art events. Lok contemplates the value of art in life and aims to make performing arts more “down-to-earth”.


Yoyo Wing was yoyo busking around Australia for a year. Other than a performer, Yoyo Wing is also a traveller and launched a project called Play Yoyo Everywhere.

Youtube Channel:

Devil Stick

Born in Hong Kong in 1997, Ho Yeung started practicing juggling during his high school years in 2013. He was drawn to the unique appearance and gameplay of devil stick, and has been dedicated to practicing ever since. With ten years of juggling experience, he actively participates in various local competitions and performances, becoming one of the few senior devil stick players in Hong Kong. He is also the Vice President of the Hong Kong Devil Stick Association (HKDevilstick). In June 2023, he achieved third place in the Devil Stickcategory at the MOYOSTAGE Asia Classic Yo-Yo Diabolo Juggling Competition held in Taiwan. For Ho Yeung, devil stick is not just a display of technical skills; it is a means of expressing his inner world and emphasizing communication with the audience.

Compared to well-known traditional juggling items such as diabolo, yo-yo, and spinning plates, devil stick is a relatively uncommon skill. However, its fascination is no less than other juggling items. Recognizing this, the Hong Kong Devil Stick Association has been dedicated to promoting devil stick since 2022, aiming to allow more audiences to appreciate devil stick performances and increasing public exposure to this art form. As the Vice President of the association, Ho Yeung has organized multiple events and workshops to cultivate participants' interest in devil stick and discover their potential.

Freestyle Football

Hello everyone! My name is Godfrey and I have been doing freestyle football for about six years. It was a friend of mine who got me started at first and I am currently Hong Kong’s representative in the sport who has competed on multiple occasions at the international level. Speaking of which, I recently achieved top 32 in the world in intermediate battles in the “Superball World Open Freestyle Football Championships” in Prague, a remarkable achievement for myself personally. I would say what attracts me the most about freestyle football is its highly challenging nature. Each trick requires a lot of time and effort to learn, let alone the countless hours spent trying to master them. The joy and satisfaction when I land a trick just gives me infinite sense of achievement. Another unique thing about freestyle football, as the name suggests, is that you are pretty much free to do anything you want with the ball. There really are no restrictions and there is no need to pass the ball, cooperate with your teammates or listen to your coach. Because you are your own coach. The choice of tricks, style, intensity, and frequency of training and everything else are solely decided by yourself. And this is another thing I deeply enjoy when doing freestyle football, that is the freedom to be yourself without any constraints. For me, freestyle football is much more than a sport, it is a form of self-expression and it constitutes an essential part of my identity. I really wish that more people could learn about this sport and my passion, which hopefully could inspire some through my performances to find out what truly matters to them and pursue their dreams.

Hello there, I‘m Anson Ng, I just turned 15, and my main performance prop is the rope dart, however I do know and often try different props. Although growing up as a martial arts kid, I’ve always been eager to explore different performance styles, in hopes to use artistic elements to transform the rope dart from a weapon to a prop, and use creativity to create performances filled with surprises。


Diabolo, an ancient and fascinating performing art, combines skill, coordination, and rhythm. Diabolo performers showcase astonishing abilities and performances through clever techniques and movements.

As a performer of Diabolo, I take pride in introducing myself as Cheung Ka Wai . I have a wealth of experience and outstanding achievements in this field. Over the past few years, I have participated in numerous important performance events and have won multiple championships and awards.

In the 2022 ViuTV program "1take challenge", I showcased my exceptional diabolo skills and received praise and applause from the audience. Additionally, I also participated in the 2019 China International Diabolo Competition and achieved the honor of being crowned champion in the single diabolo category.

I incorporate my exceptional artistry and masterful skills in my performance, leaving a lasting impression on the audience. My performance not only showcases my technical prowess but also provides endless surprises and entertainment for the viewers. I take pride in being able to showcase my talent on stage and hope to continue sharing the art of diabolo with more people.

Contact Juggling, Hula Hoop, Poi, Buugeng

I am Jason Fong, a performer with over a decade of experience in magic and juggling.

I am also a versatile creator, specializing in mobile art, magic theater production, event planning, conceptual art, and visual creation, among others.

To deliver performances that are both entertaining and artistically curated, I have dedicated myself to researching and accumulating unique and rare materials from around the world. By combining performance skills, objects, philosophy, and aesthetics, I create a sensory illusion that constantly surprises and challenges our perception. This allows me to introduce new artistic concepts and approaches, bringing a fresh perspective to my performances.