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Circus Camp for Professionals – Master Class by Fraser Hooper the Clown

Date & Time

28 - 29 Dec, 2023 3pm-3:45pm & 5pm-5:45pm


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Free of charge


The variety of circus performances is endless. It ranges vastly from unicycle, rope dart, diabolo, plate spinning, cyr wheel, freestyle football, ball juggling to all kinds of physical theatre. To become an excellent circus artist, training and vision are just as important.

Talented local circus artist Jason Lee will be leading five young circus performers, who are fueled with passion for circus and have received formal training from a young age, to join a training scheme for young circus talents. Through the camp, they will get a chance to connect with professionals from local circus communities and learn about their stories. Best having fun together than alone; the camp encourages learning from each other and training in different art forms, which will surely level up their performing capabilities.

In addition, Circus Bootcamp also features various professional workshops of which the young participants will be paired with mentors from different performing arts specialties for a broader horizon while they progress towards professional stage.

Later in performance in December, it is hoped that the five young participants will shine onstage with what they have learned during Circus Bootcamp, not only could they demonstrate their own unique styles, but also being able to integrate professionalism and great coordination as a group.

Curator and producer: Jason Lee (More Than Juggle)

Performers: Chan Hoi Ting, Ho Chung Wa Adrian, Kwok Hon Ki, Li Yat Sum, Wong Tsz Hin Prince


Jason Lee
Chan Hoi Ting, Ho Chung Wa Adrian, Kwok Hon Ki, Li Yat Sum, Wong Tsz Hin Prince

Jason Lee is the founder of More Than Juggle and is committed in promoting and experimentation in juggling performances. He innovates to thrill his audience, stimulating interest in juggling in surprising ways.

Lee was a participant in the Tai Kwun Circus Plays 2022 Ting-koo-ki Mad Skills Battle.

Participate in arts delivery 2.0

Most recently, he curated “The Circus Gashapon Machine “ for the Tai Kwun Stepping Up.

Five teenage jugglers aged between 15 and 17, passing through multiple training sessions in the Circus Bootcamp, have come together and created an original and heart-warming performance. The team includes: Li Yat Sum, the Champion of the Female Secondary School Stage Performance Category, Refocus - the 5th SSE Hong Kong Juggling Contest, who manipulates her flower stick with elegant rhythmic gymnastic movements; Michael Kwok, besides whose bravura diabolo performance, always drives the audience hysterical with his ad-lib reactions and facial expressions; Anna Chan, the Champion of the Speed Battle of the Open Category of Hong Kong Kendama Competition 2022, who likes to spice up her Kendama performance with ball juggling techniques; Adrian Ho, with whose never-stopping creative mind, loves to come up with his own spinning plate tricks; and last but not least, Prince Wong, the 1st Runner-up of the New Star Category, Hong Kong Yo-Yo Selection Contest 2023, who enjoys speedy combos above everything else in the world of yo-yo.