Cine Fan Nov/Dec Programmes

Cine Fan Nov/Dec Programmes

Cine Fan Feb Programmes

Date & Time

8 Nov - 6 Dec, 2020 Please refer to the programme timetable




Programme Cancellation Notice

The programme “HKIFF Cine Fan Feb Programmes” to be held on 5 & 6 Dec have been cancelled until further notice. Please contact organizers for enquiries. Thank you for your understanding.

Cine Fan programme will resume from this November! A selection of exciting films is in place to pave the ways for a new year of rejuvenation!

  • FELLINI 100 retrospective: showcasing all the 24 films Federico Fellini directed – all digitally restored. Starting from VARIETY LIGHTS to THE VOICE OF THE MOON, the retrospective offers insights into Fellini’s thematic and stylistic evolution through his artistic oeuvre. Highlights are his four Best Foreign Language Film Oscar winners: LA STRADA, NIGHTS OF CABIRIA, 8½ and AMARCORD, plus Cannes Palme d’Or winner LA DOLCE VITA and ROMA - all attest to the maestro’s legendary status
  • “Back to the Screen”: Bob Fosse’s Palme d’Or winner ALL THAT JAZZ, and Martin Scorsese’s MEAN STREETS, superbly played by Harvey Keitel and Robert De Niro – both contemporary classics are strongly influenced by Fellini, yet electrifying in their own distinguished style 
  • “The Golden Age”: Charles Chaplin’s LIMELIGHT goes with Orson Welles’ F FOR FAKE - two masterpieces that examine the intricate relationship between art and life, illusion and reality

Programme Trailer

08.11 | 2:15pm | La Strada

08.11 | 4:00pm | Fellini 100 Seminar

08.11 | 5:35pm | Juliet of the Spirits

08.11 | 8:50pm | Ginger and Fred

21.11 | 2:30pm | Roma

21.11 | 5:45pm | Federico Fellini Short Film Collection

21.11 | 8:30pm | All That Jazz

22.11 | 2:30pm | Fellini Satyricon

22.11 | 6:00pm | I Vitelloni

22.11 | 8:45pm | Mean Streets

05.12 | 3:30pm | Variety Lights

05.12 | 6:00pm | The White Sheik

05.12 | 8:30pm | I Vitelloni

06.12 | 2:30pm | F For Fake

06.12 | 5:30pm | The Swindler

06.12 | 8:30pm | La Strada

The full programme and schedule are available at Tickets available from 14 October onwards at URBTIX.

The above contents are provided by Hong Kong International Film Festival Society

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