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Cine Fan Nov/Dec Programmes


Let’s immerse into the world of cinema, and dream for the future! Cine Fan 2019 Nov/Dec programmes highlights include:

  • “The Logic of Illusion: Jacques Tati”: All of Tati’s feature films including MR. HULOT’S HOLIDAY, MY UNCLE, PLAYTIME, and TRAFFIC;
  • Sci-fi classics: BRAZIL and GHOST IN THE SHELL back to the screen

02.11 | 3:30pm | The School for Postmen + Holiday

02.11 | 5:45pm | Mr. Hulot's Holiday

02.11 | 8:00pm | Brazil

03.11 | 2:30pm | My Uncle

03.11 | 4:25pm | Seminar on Jacques Tati

03.11 | 6:00pm | PlayTime

03.11 | 8:45pm | Ghost in the Shell

07.12 | 2:30pm | Mr. Hulot's Holiday

07.12 | 4:15pm | Traffic

08.12 | 2:30pm | PlayTime

08.12 | 5:15pm | Blonde Venus

08.12 | 7:30pm | I Was a Male War Bride

The full programmes and ticket discounts are now available at official website. Tickets are on sale now at URBTIX.

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