Chilled Steps 2023 (Sep)

Date & Time

12 - 30 Sep, 2023 Every Tue to Fri 5PM – 7PM

Every Sat 3PM – 7PM


Laundry Steps


Free of charge


“Chilled Steps” was first held in March 2021 in response to the impact on the local music industry brought by the pandemic. The month-long evening concerts became a hub for musicians and music lovers to get together, and it illustrated the irreplaceable charm of live performances. The warmly-received programme will return for the fourth time in September, and this will also be the first time without mask or distance! While the series had a focus on jazz music in the past, this season will include a greater diversity of music including pop, folk, Western and Chinese music. The season is curated by renowned singer-songwriter Vicky Fung in association with emerging singer-songwriter Peace Lo and Sheng musician Loris Yue. Taking place from Tuesday to Saturday for three consecutive weeks, these carefully-curated concerts will encourage and discover new musical styles by matching and merging musicians of diverse genres. An exciting opportunity for music lovers to be surprised, and the best retreat after a long day – let your mind soar in the melodies and lead off a delightful evening!

Co-Curators: Vicky Fung, Mimi Lam*
Associate Curators: Peace Lo, Loris Yue
*Tai Kwun Performing Arts Producer

Concert Themes

12-16.09.2023 Exposition of Hong Kong sounds
Introducing the original creations by the city’s budding singer-songwriters and musicians, the first week is a showcase of their diverse colours in pop, folk, blues and more.

19-23.09.2023 Development by chemical reaction
The various styles of Chinese, Western, a capella, percussion and techno strive to find a new sound in the collaboration by breaking down and fusing together.

26-30.09.2023 The sparkles of recapitulation
The last week features artists who appear earlier in the series, sharing with the audience the discoveries and sparkles in their musical adventures.

Remarks: The performance line-up and schedule are subject to change. Please stay tune to Tai Kwun website for the latest information.

12-16.09.2023 Exposition of Hong Kong sounds

12.09.2023 (Tuesday) 5:00pm – 7:00pm 
iii x Calvin with Friends
Musicians: iii (Vocal), Calvin Cheng (1st Violin), Jason Fung (2nd Violin), Melvin Wong (Viola), Trevor Chan (Cello)

13.09.2023 (Wednesday) 5:00pm – 7:00pm 
Peace Lo x Soulsonic
Musicians: Peace Lo (Singer-songwriter), Soulsonic (Saxophone Ensemble)

14.09.2023 (Thursday) 5:00pm – 7:00pm 
Blackout on Mars x KD Music
Musicians: Blackout on Mars (Pop band), KD Music (Chinese music ensemble)

15.09.2023 (Friday) 5:00pm – 7:00pm 
Gwenji x Grammy, Wan and Walter Trio
Musicians: Gwenji (Singer-songwriter), Grammy Yeung (Guzheng), Wan Pin CHU (Erhu), Walter Wong (Keyboard)

16.09.2023 (Saturday) 3:00pm - 4:50pm 
Linda Chow x Brian Trio
Musicians: Linda Chow (Singer-songwriter), Brian Ngai (1st Violin), Toby Lai (2nd Violin), Rebecca Li (Cello)

5:00pm –  7:00pm 
iii x Calvin with Friends
Musicians: iii (Vocal), Calvin Cheng (1st Violin), Jason Fung (2nd Violin), Melvin Wong (Viola), Trevor Chan (Cello)

19-23.09.2023 Development by chemical reaction

19.09.2023 (Tuesday) 5:00pm – 7:00pm 
Musicians: Ah Ding (Handpan), FUSICIANZ (Fusion Band)

20.09.2023 (Wednesday) 5:00pm – 7:00pm 
KD Music x Kowloon K
Musicians: KD Music (Chinese Music Ensemble), Kowloon K (Band)

21.09.2023 (Thursday) 5:00pm – 7:00pm 
SENZA A Cappella x Lucky 6
Musicians: SENZA A Cappella (A cappella group), Lucky 6 (Brass Band)

22.09.2023 (Friday) 5:00pm – 7:00pm 
Siu Yuen x RedBricks
Musicians: Siu Yuen (Singer-songwriter), RedBricks (Harmonica Quintet)

23.09.2023 (Saturday) 3:00pm – 4:50pm 
Peace Lo x Soulsonic
Musicians: Peace Lo (Singer-songwriter), Soulsonic (Saxophone Ensemble)

5:00pm – 7:00pm 
KD Music x JazzBird
Musicians: KD Music (Chinese music ensemble), JazzBird (Fusion Jazz Band)

26-30.09.2023 The sparkles of recapitulation

26.09.2023 (Tuesday) 5:00pm – 7:00pm 
Siu Yuen x RedBricks
Musicians: Siu Yuen (Singer-songwriter), RedBricks (Harmonica Quintet)

27.09.2023 (Wednesday) 5:00pm – 7:00pm 
Peace Lo x Soulsonic
Musicians: Peace Lo (Singer-songwriter), Soulsonic (Saxophone Ensemble)

28.09.2023 (Thursday) 5:00pm – 7:00pm 
Siu Yuen x RedBricks
Musicians: Siu Yuen (Singer-songwriter), RedBricks (Harmonica Quintet)

29.09.2023 (Friday) 5:00pm – 7:00pm 
iii x Calvin with Friends
Musicians: iii (Vocal), Calvin Cheng (1st Violin), Jason Fung (2nd Violin), Melvin Wong (Viola), Trevor Chan (Cello)

30.09.2023 (Saturday) 3:00pm – 4:50pm 
Gwenji x Grammy, Wan and Walter Trio
Musicians: Gwenji (Singer-songwriter), Grammy Yeung (Guzheng), Wan Pin CHU (Erhu), Walter Wong (Keyboard)

5:00pm – 7:00pm 
Loris Yue with Friends x FUSICIANZ
Musicians: Loris Yue (Sheng), Grammy Yeung (Guzheng),  FUSICIANZ (Fusion Band)

Performance Schedule


Vicky Fung (Co-Curator)
Loris Yue
Peace Lo
Calvin Cheng Ho-chung
Jason Fung
Melvin Wong
Trevor Chan
Blackout on Mars
KD Music
Grammy Yeung
Wan Pin CHU
Walter Wong
Linda Chow
Brian Trio
TING Ho-Fung (Ah Ding)
Kowloon K
Lucky 6
Siu Yuen

An artist with multi-faceted experience along her journey as songwriter, lyricist, singer-songwriter, founder of live house and music label, and being an active producer and curator, Vicky believes that the power and value of music lies beyond the limits of commercial music industry, and she has always endeavoured to promote Hong Kong’s music culture. Uniqueness and novelty are presented in Vicky’s works. Some of her important works include 《雌雄同體》, 《弱水三千》, 《彳亍》, 《今天終於一人回家》、《銀髮白》、《剎那的烏托邦》, and more recently 《在錯誤的宇宙尋找愛》、《溝渠暢泳》、《荊棘海》. Having released 3 albums of her compositions, Vicky endeavours to explore the pop and artistic boundaries in her performances in particular in her concert at Freespace, West Kowloon in 2020. In May 2022, Vicky presented her first interactive self-healing experience at Tai Kwun, which was then further developed into an interactive art experience with arts technology and healing elements at Shatin Town Hall. Vicky will continue to curate community art and socially-engaged participatory art projects, and explore the frontiers of multi-media and arts and technology oriented performances, stretching the boundaries and possibilities of art and her music works.

(Associate Curator / Sheng)

(Perform on 19.09 & 30.09.2023)

Loris Yue Kin-long is currently a Sheng Musician-in-Resident of WestKowloon Tea House Rising Stars Troupe, the chair of Hong Kong Gaudeamus Dunhuang Ensemble (HKGDE) and the founder of FUSICIANZ. He was invited to performed in Finland, Japan, the Mainland and etc. Especially, represented the HKAPA to attend the “Musicus Fest in Kauniainen” by Musicus Society and articipated in “The 3rd Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Expo” with HKGDE and received favourable comments.

Loris graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. He studied Sheng under Cheng Tak-wai, Loo Sze-wang, Weng Zhenfa and studied Chinese percussion under Yim Hok-man. While at the Academy, he won numerous scholarships and interviewed by different media.

Loris is one of the famous Sheng performer in HK. He focus on performing traditional Chinese music. Also, he has been collaborating with different artist in different art forms including fusion music, visual art, dance, etc. Aiming to promote Sheng and Chinese cultural.

(Associate Curator / Singer-songwriter)

(Perform on 13.09, 21.09, 23.09 & 27.09.2023)

Peace Lo is a Hong Kong-based singer-songwriter who makes music driven by a desire to comfort all who hear it. She has an affinity for Jazz, R&B, and music with colorful chords and harmonies.

She released her debut EP, “a room for”, with songs with nuances of multiple genres and various syncopated elements in mid-2021. Her sound exhibits her versatility and prowess, as well as the influence of other genres.


(Perform on 12.09, 16.09 & 29.09.2023)

Iii, aka Iris Liu.

She infuses classical with pop music, along with a touch of contemporary jazz. Ever since created her first song in high school, she has been actively pursuing her stage career. She graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with a major in music composition and has been scoring for commercials and films, including Hand Rolled Cigarette and A Guilty Conscience. In 2020, iii released her music debuts of Vaguely and Disguise, which gained positive feedback widely from local music critics as well as music charts. Her first album - EYE EYE EYE was released in 2021, with an album release concert held in Nov 2021. Her latest song Thunderless was released in June 2022, cooperated with singer Chan Kin-on, and has gained her critical acclaim.


(Perform on 12.09, 16.09 & 29.09.2023)

Calvin Cheng Ho-chung is a graduate of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA), Calvin Cheng Ho-chung started playing the violin since 6 years old and studied with Associate Professor Ivan Chan. He has participated in the Asian Youth Orchestra and the Kent Blossom Music Festival. Calvin won the HKAPA Concerto Trial, performing Chausson’s Poème, op. 25 for violin & orchestra with the Academy Symphony Orchestra. He also has extensive chamber experiences and actively participates in different concerts in Hong Kong. He is one of the player of the Young Pro Platform (season 2022/23), and the freelance player of the Hong Kong Sinfonietta.

(Perform on 12.09, 16.09 & 29.09.2023)

Jason Fung was born in Hong Kong at 2000, and he started learning violin at 4 years old. He has completed his Bachelor degree in HKAPA under the tutelage of Professor Michael Ma and is now currently a master student at the academy, studying with Professor Ivan Chan.

Jason has participated in numerous musical activities locally and internationally. He has attended to the Meadowmount School of Music during the summer of 2023 and he was also selected to perform chamber music with Ayane Kozasa, former member of the Aizuri Quartet, in the Benefit Concert of Meadowmount. He was the concert master of 2019 Kent Blossom music festival orchestra, and the concert master of the Ying Wa College Orchestra and the orchestra of HKAPA.

(Perform on 12.09, 16.09 & 29.09.2023)

Graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Melvin Wong is studying towards a master’s degree. He started learning the viola at a very young age with the principal violist of the Hong Kong Sinfonietta, Mr. Elvis Chan. He is currently studying viola under the tutelage of Mr. Andrew Ling, principal violist of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. Melvin awarded SAR Philharmonic Scholarships 2021/22. He won a number of prizes in the Hong Kong Music Festival in his early days. At the same time, he was also the principal violist in the Hong Kong Youth Chamber Orchestra and Hong Kong Youth Orchestra, violist in the Pro Arte Orchestra of Hong Kong and China Hong Kong Youth Symphony Orchestra. He is also the principal violist in APA Academy Symphony Orchestra. Melvin took part in a lot of solo and chamber masterclasses and lessons with renowned musicians, such as, Professor Ivan Chan, Dr. Letty Poon, Mr. Le Hoai Nam, Professor Michael Ma, Dr. Shane Levesque, Jaap Her Linden, Ralph de Souza, the Shanghai String Quartet and the Orion String Quartet, etc.

Melvin is very active as a young performer. Recently, he performed with Opera Hong Kong and Hong Kong String Orchestra, In-heritage Philharmonic as freelance violist, the Jockey Club Cultural Musical Project and Hong Kong Children’s Musical Theatre as principal violist and second violin associate principal. He also served as a freelance violist with the Hong Kong Sinfonietta and toured with the orchestra to France, Spain, Portugal. Melvin also starred as one of the violists in the latest Hong Kong film ‘Anita’. He participated in several television programmes and film shootings, wedding and public performances with The New Philharmonia Orchestra of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Orchestra and Millennium Youth Orchestra etc. Other than classical music, Melvin also performs actively in the local pop music industry.

He worked as with quite a number of local songwriters and singers such as, Johnny Yim, G.E.M, Alfred Hui, Gin Lee etc

(Perform on 12.09, 16.09 & 29.09.2023)

Trevor Chan is a passionate 19-year-old cellist. He has been playing the cello since the age of five and received his musical training from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Junior Music Program under Ms. Karey Ho. He was also offered the Grantham Music Award in 2019 and attended Austrian Masterclasses with professors from Universität Mozarteum Salzburg and performed in the Freskensaal of Castle Zell an der Pram.

Trevor graduated from the Diocesan Boys’ School with a music scholarship and was the principal cello of the Diocesan Boys’ School Symphony Orchestra.

Trevor currently studies at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with a full scholarship under Prof. Ray Wang. Since studying at the Academy in 2022, Trevor has been a recipient of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarships Scheme.

(Saxophone Ensemble)

(Perform on 13.09, 23.09 & 27.09.2023)

Soulsonic is a passionate saxophone ensemble that thrives on the joy of creating music in collaboration with diverse individuals. The ensemble was formed through the collective musical journey of its members, who initially met and collaborated in the well-regarded ensembles La Sax Hong Kong and O Wind Ensemble. Comprising talented musicians who have garnered extensive experience in various ensembles, Soulsonic brings a wealth of collective expertise and versatility to their performances, delivering captivating interpretations across classical, jazz, and pop genres.

Driven by their commitment to promoting music to the public and crafting enjoyable experiences for their audiences, the members of Soulsonic have undertaken various tours, captivating listeners both locally and internationally. Moreover, in their dedication to fostering a love for music among future generations, Soulsonic actively engages with local schools, conducting outreach programs to inspire and educate young minds about music.

Aiming to explore new artistic horizons, Soulsonic continues to seek innovative collaborations with artists from diverse disciplines, constantly creating memorable performances that transcend boundaries.

(Pop Band)

(Perform on 14.09.2023)

“Fiction can be more real than reality itself”

Blackout On Mars is the solo music project of Hong Kong Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and Producer Justin Leung. Grabbing inspiration from a wide variety of genres such as Folk, R&B, and Alternative rock, often with an experimental attitude. his songs introspectively reflect upon the complexities of metropolitan life, constantly weaving between fiction and reality.

(Chinese Music Ensemble)

(Perform on 14.09, 20.09 & 23.09.2023)

"KD Music is a music organization established by local musicians in 2018. They have built up strong ensemble techniques and gained experience through years of music performances and activities. Members have also participated in local and international tours and festivals, crossing over and collaborating with various Hong Kong singers and artists from different art forms.

In recent years, KD Music has been performing in various venues, bringing relaxing and joyful music experiences to audiences. In addition to performing, they have reached out to the younger generations in primary and secondary schools, expanding their horizons and cultivating their interest in Chinese music."


(Perform on 15.09 & 30.09.2023)

Gwenji is a Hongkongese indie-folk singer-songwriter. She went solo and made her debut with the charts-listed single Don’t in 2021. A self-made musician and intuitive genius, Gwenji writes whenever the music in her head and the voice in her heart spur, pouring out every ounce of her true self. She was featured on HYPEBEAST SOUNDS in 2022 and an opening.

act for Numcha (TH) in early 2023. With her first album on the way, this genuine, soulful

voice is one that the city much needs.


(Perform on 15.09 & 30.09.2023)

Yeung Ching Ho Grammy attained her Master of Music degree, majoring in zheng, at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and is a music major graduate from the University of Hong Kong. She started her Guzheng training under Chin King in 2003, and is currently under the guidance of Dr. Xu Lingzi. She was awarded Rayson Huang Scholarship in Music at the University of Hong Kong from 2017 to 2019 and Hong Kong Jockey Club Music and Dance Fund scholarship from 2019 to 2021.

Yeung received the gold medal in The 6th International Zheng Contest’s Professional Youth Group. She is featured as one of the finalists in Young Music Makers 2017 of RTHK 4 and was invited to hold various solo recitals in Tai Kwun, Hong Kong Museum of Art, The Chinese University of Hong Kong and University Museum and Art Gallery. She participated in Musicus Society’s concerts and was recently selected by Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra’s “Music Integrates” programme and held a solo recital.


(Perform on 15.09 & 30.09.2023)

Wan Pin CHU is an international award-winning Erhuist and Film Composer from Hong Kong, who has performed Erhu solo for the President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping, and the British Prince William in the United Kingdom in October, 2015 during the Chinese state visit, and got invited to perform again for Prince William in his private event in July, 2016. He was invited to be the featured guest performer at the “Vivian Chow 30th Anniversary Concert Concert” and “Hins Cheung Hinsideout Concert” at the Hong Kong Coliseum in January and June 2018 respectively. Wan’s Erhu was featured in Hollywood movie Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Chasing the Dragon《追龍》 and Overheard 3 《竊聽風雲 3》.

Wan has received a full scholarship from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) to study Master in Composition for Film, Television and Game at the Royal College of Music in London. He finished his undergraduate study at King’s College London and has received an honour degree in Musicology and Composition.


(Perform on 15.09 & 30.09.2023)

Walter Wong is a Hong Kong based Musician, Keyboardist, Saxophonist, Composer and Music Director of Hong Kong iMusic Academy. Walter has served as a keyboardist for many singers, including Jade Kwan, Vivian Lai, Mimi Lo, Karen Kong, Gigi Yum, Addison Lo, Albert Au, Sammy Leung etc.

In addition to his performances, he has also been invited by various organizations to create music, including providing original scores for the TVB television movie "The War Net", arranging for the "Gala Spectacular 2022" orchestra, providing original scores for the RTHK program "Cultural Heritage My Land", serving as the music director for the Serious Play's musical "My City", serving as the music director for the No Name Production's musical "No Name Street" and "No Name Night Club" etc.

(Perform on 16.09.2023)

Linda Chow is a singer-songwriter based in Hong Kong. She is iconic for her fantasy in her songs. Her genre is between folk and synth pop. In 2016, Linda’s first EP "Float" was released, with all the songs written in her bedroom. In 2017, Linda was invited to perform in the largest music festival "Zandari Festa" in Seoul.

(Perform on 16.09.2023)


Brian Ngai

Rebecca Li

Toby Lai

Brian & Friends, established in 2012, is a string orchestra actively involved in the local music industry. Over the years, they have creatively showcased different string performances through various music genres and styles, aiming to highlight the versatility and diversity of strings. Brian & Friends excel in rearranging different types of songs with string arrangements, reinterpreting the songs and creating unique effects.

In recent years, Brian & Friends have composed their own original pieces with unique productions and arrangements. The band's talent is unquestionable, and they have collaborated with numerous musicians and singers such as Joey Yung, G.E.M., Hacken Lee, and James Ng, among others. Additionally, they are actively involved in different types of commercial performances, utilizing their musical talents to create distinctive auditory effects and experiences for major brands and their clients.


(Perform on 19.09.2023)

TING Ho-Fung (Ah Ding), a musician who is a handpan performer, educator and handpan maker.

He has over ten years of pop piano performance experience.

In 2018 he established Panlab, the first studio in Hong Kong dedicated to handpan production and education.

In recent years, he has been actively promoting handpan music in various colleges and institutions, and has also participated in the album "Modern Classic 2010-2020" of Chan Fai Young and Siufay, working on the handpan arrangement and recording.

Ding graduated with a Master's degree in Philosophy from the Department of Physics at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. This academic background has brought a unique perspective to his musical creations and music education.

(Fusion Band)

(Perform on 19.09 & 30.09.2023)

Fusicianz is a diverse ensemble comprised of members with backgrounds in both Eastern and Western music. They present each piece through collaborative arrangement, composition, and performance. Fusicianz 's distinctive feature lies in their skillful fusion of different instruments, musical styles, electronic music, and sound effects, resulting in a unique and ground-breaking performance style.

The ensemble frequently collaborates with various artistic disciplines, organizations, and government departments to drive innovation. Recently, they were invited by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department to successfully organize ten "18dArt” concerts, receiving high praise while performing community concerts in ten different regions of Hong Kong.

The composition and music of Fusicianz showcase the diverse balance and inclusivity of contemporary art and culture in Hong Kong, while highlighting the boundless possibilities of traditional Chinese culture in a fast-paced urban life.

Next, the members of Fusicianz will interact with visual artists and lighting designers, hosting an eagerly anticipated multimedia concert at the Hong Kong City Hall Theatre on September 28th.


(Perform on 20.09.2023)

Independent band “Kowloon K” is formed in 2019, and was originally a nameless group. But due to an unexpected gig the group needed a name, and they decided to base the name on the cantonese word 「求其」(pronounced “kaau kay”) which stands for “whatever”, or “spontaneously”.

Kowloon K’s songs often use exuberant ways to express depressive topics, acting synonymous to Black Humour in transforming the abyss with colour, while also incorporating Jazz, Funk, and Improvisational elements into lyrical songwriting. Unhindered by the boundaries of music genres, they constantly explore the new possibilities of Cantopop in a unique and refreshing manner.

(a capella)

(Perform on 21.09.2023)

SENZA A Cappella (SENZA) made its formal debut in 2018 as a new group on the Hong Kong music scene. It is also the first a cappella group in the local mainstream music landscape. But before that, it had focused itself on promoting a cappella singing since 2009. The group’s cover versions of music videos on YouTube have attracted over 7.5 million views.

In 2020, with two numbers on the chart – The Stories and It’s Okay to Not be Okay, SENZA entered the stage of mainstream music from the backstairs and became the first a cappella group from Hong Kong to be among the finalists of the Ultimate Song Chart Award and the Best Group Award.  In the same year, SENZA was also nominated for the 2020 Beehive Awards for Original Music of the Year and Best Music Video of the Year, making it the only Hong Kong group to make it to the finals.  In 2021, the group released its first album Circle of Fifths, and gave two sold out concerts.

(Brass Band)

(Perform on 21.09.2023)

Lucky 6 is a Hong Kong-based brass band formed by six local professional musicians using trumpet, trombone, tuba, saxophone and drums.  They play mostly pop and funky music but always extend their spectrum to other musical styles which also include collaborations with singers and other instrumentalist. Lucky 6 composes a lot of original music and make different music arrangement for the needs of various occasions.  They are also frequently invited to perform in different occasions at various venues, including West Kowloon Cultural District and MacPherson Stadium, in which all the performances have been very well received.

(Perform on 22.09, 26.09 & 28.09.2023)

(Perform on 22.09, 26.09 & 28.09.2023)

RedBricks is formed with five enthusiastic musicians from King’s College. The name RedBricks is a tribute to the beautiful architecture of their alma mater. The members of the Quintet are all frequent winners in international harmonica competitions. RedBricks has represented Hong Kong to perform in various cities and countries like Shanghai and Bahrain. Despite the pandemic situation, RedBricks was actively participating in various online performances.  During the Festive Korea 2020 organized by the Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong, RedBricks connected with Korean Harmonica Maestro Park Jong-Seong, performing “Bohemian Rhapsody” and the theme from “A Better Tomorrow” remotely.

(Fusion Jazz Band)

(Perform on 23.09.2023)

Jazzbird introduces a new form of fusion music. While with contrasting musical backgrounds, the band members are deeply influenced by jazz music. Their music is ethnical, ranging from Chinese folk to European and American music styles, and presented with contemporary jazz harmony, rhythm and improvisation.  Incorporating an interesting combination of Chinese and Western musical instruments, the band leads the audience to a cross-cultural musical journey of diverse musical colors and impressions.