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Date & Time

8 - 13 Mar, 2021 4:30 – 5:15pm & 5:45 – 6:30pm


Laundry Steps


Free of charge


Performance Schedule & Line-up

08.03.2021 (Monday)

Miriam and Chris

Musicians: Miriam Ma (vocal), Chris Collins (guitar)

09.03.2021 (Tuesday)

Alan and Eugene

Musicians: Alan Kwan (guitar), Eugene Pao (guitar)

10.03.2021 (Wednesday)

Bowen and Eric

Musicians: Bowen Li (piano), Eric Chong (guitar)

11.03.2021 (Thursday)

Walter Kwan

Musicians: Walter Kwan (vocal and piano)

12.03.2021 (Friday)

Joyce Cheung’s Trio

Musicians: Joyce Cheung (piano), Jackiz Tsang (bass), Dean Li (drums)

13.03.2021 (Saturday)


Musicians: Ricky Wong (piano), Anna Fan (percussion), Marcus Ho (bass), Kenny Lin (saxophone)


Miriam Ma
Chris Collins
Alan Kwan
Eugene Pao
Bowen Li
Eric Chong
Walter Kwan
Jackiz Tsang
Dean Li
Ricky Wong
Anna Fan
Marcus Ho
Kenny Lin

(Performed on 08.03.2021)

Miriam is a soulful songbird born and raised in HK. Miriam was one of the top 4 finalists of “The Voice of China 4 - HK stop” and is the lead vocalist of a high energy RnB indie band, Hippogroove. Besides performing, Miriam is also a passionate music educator and the Co-Director of a youth music education company called YRock.

(Performed on 08.03.2021)

Chris is a much sought-after, professionally trained musician who is accomplished in a wide variety of contemporary styles in both guitar and bass guitar. He has played with many of Asia’s finest artists and musicians including Jacky Cheung Hok-yau, Leehom Wang, the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra and numerous top session musicians; he has supported two international stadium rock acts with his original bands; won competitions with his playing and writing skills and has also built a recording studio to cater to Hong Kong’s ever expanding independent music scene.

(Performed on 09.03 & 22.03.2021)

Alan Kwan is an award-nominated jazz guitarist, composer, producer and educator who is currently based in Hong Kong. He has performed or recorded with a number of well-known jazz musicians including Eugene Pao, Ted Lo, Billy Childs, Stefan Karlsson, Dayna Stephens, Fabian Almazan, Linda May Oh, Johnathan Blake, Orlando Le Fleming, Glenn Zaleski, Paul Bollenback, Rogerio Boccato, Sean Wayland, David Smith, Masaki Hayashi, Takashi Sugawa, Daiki Yasukagawa, Kazu Kumagai (international tap dancer) and Rich Huang with performances ranging from jazz gigs, stage performances to outdoor performances, such as the Our Hong Kong Young Notes Concert organized by Radio Television Hong Kong and the KoSwing Big Band Summer Jazz Camp in Tainan.

Kwan got 3 nominations for the 31st Golden Melody Awards (Best Album, Best Album Producer, Best Composition).

(Performed on 09.03.2021)

Simply put, Eugene Pao is Hong Kong’s most publicly recognized jazz musician and his name is synonymous with jazz in our city. Such reputation cannot be more deserving as Eugene has been at the vanguard of promoting jazz in the territory through his performances and recordings over the last thirty plus years.

(Performed on 10.03 & 19.03.2021)

Bowen Tsz Wo Li, pianist and composer, graduated in Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. Actively performing and collaborating with musicians and art groups in Hong Kong since 2018, such as Chung Ying Theatre, Wuji Ensemble, Teriver Cheung, Film Director Tsai Ming Liang. He also played at music festivals such as Jazz Gala ‘The Legends and Beyond 2019’, Freespace Jazz Festival 2019 and Festival Hong Kong 2019 -- A Cultural Extravaganza in Shanghai.

 (Performed on 10.03.2021)

Eric Chong is a young jazz guitarist and composer from Hong Kong. He learned to play guitar at the age of 15. Now he is active in Hong Kong jazz scene, performing regularly in venues like Visage One, Fringe Club and Sense 99 and festivals like Music Fairground, Freespace jazz festival. He had also invited to perform in different cities in China like Beijing, Zhuhai and Guangzhou etc.

He finished his jazz studies in Prins Claus Conservatorium with full scholarships in the Netherlands, studying with Frank Wingold and Joost Van Schaik.

Being worked with different groups/ projects from school like ‘Fiver’. He is also having his own group (Eric Chong quartet) performing his original music.

He is the winner of Shanghai JZ jazz competition of 2019.

Walter Kwan (Performed on 11.03.2021)

Walter is a local independent singer-songwriter who graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2019. He now has 12 original songs released on different streaming platform and his musical style is a blend of Gospel, Soul/R&B, Jazz, and Canto/Mandopop. Walter is also working as an arranger, producer, and sessionist. He has previously worked with a number of artists, including: Khalil Fong, Tia Ray, Ouyang Nana, Hins Cheung, RubberBand, etc.

(Performed on 12.03.2021)

Jackiz Tsang is an experienced bass guitar instructor whom also has a versatile profile in performance. He has performed in all venues ranging from hotels and lounges to arenas such as the Asia Expo, Queen Elizabeth Stadium, TVB, etc. He has shared the stage with singers and artists including Justin Lo, Albert Au, Phil Lam, Ruth Chen, Frances Yip, Dominic Chow, Jayesslee, Joey Tang@Tai Chi Band, Donald Cheung, world champion harmonica player CY Leo, pianist Joyce Cheung and many more. His band - Ocean Boulevard has won 1st-runner-up in LiveTube 2015 Competition. Jackiz is definitely one of the most wanted bassist in the scene.

(Performed on 12.03.2021)

A rather late start for a musician, Dean Li learnt his first drum groove at the age of 15. Starting his drumming journey from playing Cantopop, Dean was exposed to the vast music world after his friend brought him to his first band show during his first year in the university. After years of exploration in different music styles, Dean is unsatisfied to focus on playing one kind of music and keeps trying to extend his playing to different genres.

(Performed on 13.03.2021)

1-part academic, 2-part creative and 3-part adventurer, Ricky Wong is a self-taught composer/arranger with a thirst for musical knowledge and experiments. In December 2012, Ricky formed the band ‘maRK’ with fellow accomplished musicians Marcus Ho, Anna Fan and Kenny KC Lin. Inspired by Anna's African percussion, Ricky composed 6 songs with a modern jazz twist and the EP ‘Jump Start’ debuted in Beishan World Music Festival 2013. maRK have since performed in Beijing Jazz Music Week, Beishan Jazz Festival, Hong Kong International Jazz Festival and the International Jazz Day concerts. maRK’s second EP ‘White F-lies’ brought out a twisted swing jazz feel, four short-(and no)-hair metal heads, and a bigger and very loyal following.

Ricky also joined multi-instrumentalist/singer ARI with his high-energy, lyrical funk band ‘ARICLAN'; Hong Kong’s own renowned bassist CM Lee with his quirky Souna-Trombone soul-funk group ‘The Majestic G’; and alongside Pianist-Cellist ‘Jazzical’ Arranger Joyce Cheung, directing harmonica world champion Cy Leo’s ‘Lost in Time’ project.

Drummer born and raised in Hong Kong, Anna graduated from the Berklee College of Music. She was twice awarded the Berklee Achievements-Based Scholarship in 2008 and was touring and featured in the Focus Day Concert in PASIC with the Berklee West African Drums and Dance Ensemble in Austin Texas. It is one of the more renowned events in the drumming industry. After returning to Hong Kong, Anna led her jazz group Renfrew Group touring in South Asia, including Hong Kong Arts Festival 2012, Hong Kong International Jazz Festival, Beishan International Jazz Festival (Zhuhai, China) and Tai Chung International Jazz Festival. Besides performing, Anna also arranged and composed percussion music for various scale percussion ensembles.

Marcus began his musical career in Sydney, where he studied with jazz greats such as Craig Scott, Dave Pudney, Ron Philpot and partook in Bachelor of Music degree (Performance and Audio Technology) courses at Wesley Institute.

After moving back to Hong Kong, Marcus established his career as an in-demand session bass player, arranger, sound engineer and producer. His wide interest in various musical styles and his skills in music production made him a versatile player active in the local music scene. Artists Marcus worked with include Leon Lai (黎明),  Aaron Kwok (郭富城), Gin Lee (李幸倪), Aga (江海迦), Hubert Wu (湖鴻鈞), Kenny Bee (鍾鎮濤), Hins Cheung (張敬軒), Andy Hui (許志安), Jordan Chan (陳小春), Janice Vidal (衞蘭), Ronald Cheng (鄭中基), etc.

Apart from big-name productions, Marcus is also a purveyor of Hong Kong Jazz music. His two indie Jazz bands m.a.R.K. and Sonderins have performed their original songs at various local and international events.

 (Performed on 13.03.2021)

Born in 1978 in Hong Kong, Kenny K C Lin is a talented and professional saxophone performer emerged since 2000. Kenny had his primary studies with Dave Branter and Julia Nolan at Vancouver Community College, where he absorbed the philosophy and spirit of musical performance. Subsequent to that he attended further studies in Capilano College and Berklee School of Music Online, refining his skills and musicality that became the focus of his music and performing life.

After years of professional training in Canada, he went back to Hong Kong where he embarked a new musical journey with fruitful experiences. He joined Happy-Go-Lucky Bigband in 2011 which laid the ground work of his Jazz performance. In 2012, he formed m.a.R.K. with bassist-Marcus Ho, percussionist-Anna Fan and pianist-Ricky Wong. Together with these outstanding musicians and their technical finesse, the band published “Jump Start” in 2013 and “F*Lies” in 2017. Nonetheless, the band appeared on different stages across Asia and other places, while their modern, authentic and sophisticated styles of jazz performance captured music lovers’ attention.

In 2013, Kenny established Musicholic, a music education group which aims at promoting music education for students from all walks of life. In 2014, he was endorsed by Theo Wanne Mouthpiece and Instrument, Silverstein Ligature for his accomplishment and amateur.