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Chai and Spices Craft Experience

Date & Time

27 Apr - 11 May, 2019 (27.04) 11:15am–1:15pm (Cantonese) / 3pm–5pm (English) ; (11.05) 11:15am–1:15pm/ 3pm–5pm (Cantonese)


A Hall Studio at Block 11


HKD 120



Hong Kong has a long-established South Asian community, with many Indian officers serving as police and prison officers back since the 19th century. The Sikh prayer room, Indian mess and prison curry meals all speak to Tai Kwun’s multicultural past.

This workshop focuses on one aspect that ties Indian and Chinese populations together – tea. Participants will learn about the cultural history of both Tai Kwun and masala chai, design their wooden spice box with traditional henna patterns, and pack spices to make their own chai at home.

Tai Kwun and WEDO GLOBAL have trained ethnic minority youth to deliver these workshops. Join the Cultural Ambassadors to discover the multicultural stories of Tai Kwun and Central!

$120/one person
$180/two persons

Please register and pay on art-mate.net

Established in 2011, WEDO GLOBAL is a social enterprise advocating multicultural education. The organisation plans and arranges various multicultural workshops, local walking tours and overseas experiential tours to offer opportunities for participants to interact with people of different cultural backgrounds. Participants could learn, reflect on their own cultures, and be inspired through the process to enhance their cultural sensitivity and global vision.