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25 Sep - 25 Oct, 2021 11am-7:30pm


Shop 03-G07


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Everything is architecture.
Perhaps I, as an architect, by training always see things at a different perspectives.
Every paintings contain a story. Through the gradation of different light and shade, the cityscape of Hong Kong is redefined.

Being raised and educated in Hong Kong, there is a special passionate linkage established through oneself with the neighborhood and the society,  something we shall never forget.  I choose to commemorate them by colorful paintings, how about you?

I started my painting career two years ago when I discovered I have early symptoms of Pakinson.

I don’t know until when I could still draw before I cannot hold the painting brush anymore due to Pakinson.  However, when I concentrate on my painting works, I become a normal person with all the Pakinson’s symptoms seems disapper suddenly.

I would like to share my experience with everyone, telling them my painting experience could really help slowing down the illness from getting more serious and strengthen people’s confidence in facing everyday challenges.

I hope I could contribute my effort in paintings to raise funds for any organization in need. 

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About  Chiu Sai Chung Cary

Name:     Chiu Sai Chung Cary
Year of Birth:   1968

Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies [B.A.(A.S.)Hons.] ,
The University of Hong Kong 1991
Master of Architecture,  The University of Hong Kong 1994

Member of Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA) 1995
Registered Architect of Architects Registration Board (ARB) 1996

Key Experience:

Mr. Chiu has over  25 years’  of  hand-on experience in planning, execution and construction supervision of a wide range of projects of varying sizes from institutional, commercial, hotel, private and public residential development, minor works, alteration and addition works and maintenance works, in particular,  knowledge and experience in the planning, management and resolution of complex interface issues, the interpretation of client’s requirement and expectations into cost effective and efficient solution.

The above content is provided by Campo Marzio