Campo Marzio - Hide & Seek

Campo Marzio - Hide & Seek

Date & Time

1 Nov - 1 Dec, 2021 11am-7:30pm


Shop 03-G07


Free of charge


About Crossover Show

Hide and Seek, the go-to game in our childhood.

The combination of texts and graphics was common in Chinese Arts in the past, such drawing style gradually faded in Chinese Contemporary Arts. In this show, we believe the hidden technique used to be widely adopted in Chinese Arts to tell a story shall be sought.

“Hide and Seek” showcases a collection of paintings, in combination of chinese calligraphy and bold graphics, to “seek” the once lost magic moment in Chinese Arts - when texts and arts cross their paths to tell a story.

About Sellwordss

Local contemporary calligraphist, reappraised all kinds of literature from classics to user manual, poems to pop songs. Brought forward with the modern study of proportions and lines, learning about masters like El Greco to Matisse, the calligraphist plays ink with and without the limit of the old virtues. Amidst tradition and breakthrough, as Campo Marzio, seeking a new perspective from the old origin of stylo crafter, we wear new spectacles to review writing in its metaphysics.

Cooperated with: Young Master Beer, perfume tree gin, Between Coffee, Canon, Nike, Swatch etc.

Events :
, Tankyu Distillery, 2021
, Parallel Space, 2020

About Loszehaha

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Loszehaha is a  post-90s girl graduated from Visual Communication programme of HKDI. She has been loving to create since childhood, and is active in publishing paintings on social media in recent years. Her creation adopts unique colors and perspectives to depict existing objects, hoping to convey refreshing visual impact and imagination to the audience. She believes honest creation can deliver powerful and warm feelings in people's hearts. The bold colour tone used in her paintings are consistent with the wide range of colour use adopted by Campo Marzio.

Illustrated works have been shown in:
The Mills - "Weave Upon a Time ", March-May, 2021
618 Shanghai Street-"Inheritance of Craftsmanship", May, 2021
ACGHK 2021
Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong, 2021
Chi K11 Art Space-"Normally abnormal" Sep-Oct, 2021
LOSZEHAHA First Solo Event - @babagaugau, Sept-Oct, 2021

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