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Tens of thousands of people work in Central every day. What kind of stories would entail when they encounter each other at the dining table? “Let’s Do Lunch ”, an exhibition presented by the Heritage Department in Winter 2019, was conceived to ask this question, and put forward four lunch time cultures shared by the Central community: fast food that allows workers to get a quick bite in their hectic schedules; the authentic regional cuisines served at fraternity associations; the delicacy of food and environment of an executive lunch experience; and the heart-warming company lunch catering that connects people at a dining table. Deconstructing these meals informs us that there are more than plates of food on the lunch table. Memories, values, and languages derived from cooking and eating season our lives.

“Café Good Day”, the last zone of “Let's Do Lunch”, was designed to provide visitors with a contemplative space to reflect upon lunch habits and to relax. The furniture from “Café Good Day” has now been relocated to Lower E Hall as a continuation.

It is all about creating space and time for your day. You are welcome to set aside the daily hustle, and enjoy the moments of serenity here.