HK Phil x Tai Kwun: Chamber Music Series

HK Phil x Tai Kwun: Chamber Music Series

Performing Arts Programme

Beethoven Encounter! (String Quartet with Horns)

Performing Arts Programme

Beethoven Meets Mozart (Piano & Wind Quintet)

Performing Arts Programme

Summer Nights in the Americas (Woodwind Quintet)

Performing Arts Programme

The Soldier and the Nightingale (Mixed Ensemble)

Performing Arts Programme
7:30pm-9:00pm Timetable
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Adult $200; Full-time student and senior persons, and people with disabilities and their minders $150
Beethoven Encounter! (String Quartet with Horns)


In this programme, the music covers much of Beethoven’s adult life and represents the rate of change that was occurring in the musical world. As well as the maturing of Ludwig’s style from impressionable young man still clinging to the influence of his Viennese forebears Haydn, Mozart and Salieri, the development in the manufacture of musical instruments was affecting listener’s expectations. The concert closes with Beethoven’s growing obsession for the fugue in his later period. His ability to write a work of such complexity confirms his genius.


Beethoven String Quartet no. 4 in C minor, op. 18

Beethoven Sextet for Two  Horns & Strings in E-flat, op. 81b

Beethoven Grosse Fuge for String Quartet, op. 133


Leslie Ryang Moonsun, violin

Gallant Ho Ka-leung, violin

Zhang Shu-ying, viola

Richard Bamping, cello

Lin Jiang, horn

Todor Popstoyanov, horn

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