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Autumn Season Highlights

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Winter Season Highlights

Summer Season Highlights

Date & Time

31 Aug - 30 Nov, 2021




Free of charge

As the historical compound bids adieu to the summer season, the autumn’s cooler breeze offers a fresh gust of creativity to the site’s programming, with outdoor spaces bustling back to life after the languid summer months.

Ushering in a series of new exhibitions and extending visitor favourites, Tai Kwun Contemporary continues its highly acclaimed exhibition, trust & confusion, with the introduction of immersive encounters by Tino Sehgal and performances by Nile Koetting. Meanwhile, Poetic Heritage debuts, inviting all to explore artistic practices from Hong Kong and beyond by showcasing contemporary discourses on heritage- and art-making. SPOTLIGHT takes the city’s performing arts to new heights with a series of multi-disciplinary productions such as the immersive theatre The Inner Études, Hong Kong-style cabaret LauZone, dance theatre Diary VII • The story of......and the timely concert The Happy Family. The delightful Serendipity in the Street extends its observations of the Central neighbourhood, while regular programming such as Tai Kwun Conversations, Art After Hours, Sunday Movie Steps and more can be attended routinely.

Explore more on our Exhibitions & Events or download the latest Seasonal Guide and the programme calendar (Nov) to plan your visit.

Fall for Autumn Fun and Leisure

As the summer heat passes and autumn is right around the corner, feel the crispness in the air and take in the breeze while you amble around Tai Kwun and discover what’s new among our shops and restaurants.

Satisfy your palate with exquisite delicacies from a variety of Chinese and Western award-winning bars and restaurants, and revel in the enchanting atmosphere at the historic building compound. The shops, too, are ready for the autumn vibes with all kinds of gems and workshops waiting to be explored. So let’s bid farewell to the summer season and give a hearty salute to autumn here at Tai Kwun. Click here to find out more lifestyle offerings!

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Tai Kwun Treats

Fall into the festive season with our breezy rewards! “Tai Kwun Treats” presents an array of exclusive year-round Shop and Dine benefits to our privileged guests. Tai Kwun Fans and selected programme participants# will receive a set of “Tai Kwun Treats” vouchers*. Later, they can enjoy the splendid offers at designated shops and restaurants in Tai Kwun.

Experience more than you expect in Tai Kwun.

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