Art Film Hour 2018

Art Film Hour: The Thought Leader and Seconds

Art Film Hour: Screening of ”The Love Eterne”

Art Film Hour: Screening of “Removed” and “Casa Roshell”

Art Film Hour: Screening of “Cosmetic Emergency” and “The Face of Another”

Art Film Hour: Screening of “DROGA!” and “Recollection”

Art Film Hour: NANG Night: Screening of “Story of a Discharged Prisoner” with a lecture by Victor Fan

Art Film Hour: Filmic Landscapes with Ackbar Abbas

Second New Wave Taiwanese Film Intensive with Ackbar Abbas

Art Film Hour: The Thought Leader and Seconds

Art Film Hour: Compound Characters: A Screening of Shorts

Art Film Hour: He Who Eats Children and The Jealous One

Art Film Hour: Start From Scratch, Not Two Steps Back: An Evening with Simon Liu

Date & Time

13 Nov 2018 7pm–9pm


F Hall Studio


Free of charge


Since time immemorial, humankind has been on a desperate quest for immortality. Would we be happier if we could rejuvenate our bodies and relive our youth? Using cutting-edge technology, the secret organisation Seconds delivers a fresh new body to a middle-aged banker. Embracing his new identity, the jaded banker jettisons his past responsibilities and old relationships. Thanks to the brilliant black-and-white cinematography of the legendary cinematographer James Wong Howe, the director John Frankenheimer successfully explores the novel possibilities and horrific consequences of this sci-fi era. This program also includes The Thought Leader, a short film by Liz Magic Laser. Featuring a ten-year-old delivering a TED talk to an audience captivated by his eloquence, this absurd yet realistic possibility suggests that many inspiring speeches are little more than substance-free performances of knowledge appropriation.


Committed to building long-term and sustainable dialogue with our visitors, Hong Kong cultural critics, and intellectuals, Art Film Hour shows a selection of moving image work following a thematic every season. Art Film Hour is a sub-programme of Art After Hours, an event series presented by Tai Kwun Contemporary that will talk with you, sing with you, and strive to always show you something new. Art After Hours welcomes all visitors to experience contemporary art in Hong Kong live. Artists, writers, public intellectuals, and curators are invited to engage in talks, performances, and screenings.