Art After Hours 2021

Art After Hours

Art After Hours: Yes-Jet-Lag (formula 4.0)

Art After Hours

Art After Hours: Connective Memories

Date & Time

16 Jul 2021 6pm-11pm




Free of charge


Participating Artists:
Annisa Cheung, Jeffery, Jess Lau, Karen Yu, Kung Chi Shing, Lazarus Chan, manvsmachine, Nerve, Simon Liu, Teeda Lee, VON3, Yarli Allison

Shaping the night into a one-of-a-kind audio-visual performative experience, this year’s special edition of Art After Hours brings together some of the most exciting and creative artists in the city. With various sound performances ranging from abstract sound broadcasts to post-rock to jazz-inspired music improvisation juxtaposed by imagery that are dazzling, insistent, or sublimely tranquil by turns, the invited artists all strive to express their own creative idioms and phrases, without resorting to the language that is particular to their chosen art forms.

Art After Hours spans multiple areas in Tai Kwun. Visitors are invited to wander through different areas — “City”, “Woods”, “Greenhouse” — and become submerged into the ever morphing, challenging sights and sounds around them. Without relying on words, the works in Art After Hours strike at immediacy, provoking layers from the nostalgic, historical, and humorous, to the experimental and technological.

Curated by Jasmine Cheung and David Chan

Tai Kwun will adhere to the latest health and safety regulations and enforce social distancing measures.

Programme Schedule

Artist Bio

Jess LAU Ching-wa
Lazarus Chan
Annisa Cheung, Jeffery, Karen Yu, Kung Chi Shing, Nerve, Teeda Lee
Simon Liu
Yarli Allison

Experimental electronic jazz trio formed in 2019. Members include producer / sound designer hirsk, drummer Blue Kwok and pianist Daniel Chu. While they are eloquent in the language of classical and jazz, and take part in production of pop music, they have a taste for experimental avant garde sounds and are keen to break boundaries between genres.

Jess Lau’s work applies themes such as narrative fragments and body memory and focus on iterative manual processes and the aggregation of time. Being raised in a very dense city, she explores the relationships and the distances between people and the city with her bodily experience, incorporating trails of everyday life such as human voices and handwriting in her media work, and attempting to compose poems with ‘moving images’. She is a member of the ‘Floating Projects Collective”, an experimental artist-run space in Hong Kong.

Lazarus Chan is a new media artist who explores human experience including life & death, consciousness and time in his works. He specializes in multifaceted mediums, such as soundscape, electronics, data visualization and generative art.

An experimental group composed of six local musicians with different backgrounds and styles with a focus on improvisation sound performance and performance art using the body as a medium.

Simon Liu is a film artist seeking to build a lyrical catalogue of the rapidly evolving psychogeography of his place of origin in Hong Kong through alternative documentary forms, abstract diary films, multi-channel video installations and 16mm projection performances.

“When God, disgusted with man,
Turned towards heaven,
And man, disgusted with God,
Turned towards Eve,
Things looked like falling apart。

But 3 of the Vons nailed them together,
Nailing heaven and earth together with their weekly book club meetup chants.”

Hong Kong-Canadian born, UK/Paris-based multidisciplinary artist. Often interacting with personas or creatures, these imagined worlds consist of her invented survival tactics and coping mechanisms.

Her upcoming shows (2021-2022) are held at ICA London, CFCCA Manchester, FACT Liverpool (curated by Annie J Kwan). Yarli Allison graduated in ’17 with an MFA in Sculpture from Slade School of Fine Art, UCL.

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