Art After Hours 2021

Art After Hours: Yes-Jet-Lag (formula 4.0)

Art After Hours: Yes-Jet-Lag (formula 4.0)

Art After Hours

Art After Hours: Connective Memories

Date & Time

16 Sep 2021 7pm-8pm


Tai Kwun Laundry Steps


Free of charge


Yes-Jet-Lag (formula 4.0), with two freebie supplements to help you pause and find peace

In her new karaoke lecture-performance Yes-Jet-Lag (formula 4.0), artist Wong Kit Yi will introduce her new jet-lag inducing patch, and ensure your safety and dis/comfort at all times. For people who travel a lot, jet lag is part of the very fabric of their everyday reality. But with the pandemic keeping everyone at home, there's no need to get used to new time zones anymore. For some people, this itself takes some adjusting to. So with Wong’s Yes-Jet-Lag, the jet-lag-inducing patch serves to return users to their normal sense of dislocation right in their own home. At a time when many lack access to health care and the ability to feel better, this product is intended to balance things out by helping the elite jet-setter crowd feel just a bit worse. In the meantime, she will be interrupted by curator and designer Prem Krishnamurthy, who will speak about punctuation as a kind of “pause” in language—like the linguistic equivalent of the world-wide “pause” as experienced during COVID-19. And at some point, an invisible mind-bogglingly handy tool will be handed out by scientist Dr. Richard Kong to help you reach your inner peace.

*An ultra-limited edition “Yes-Jet-Lag (formula 4.0) sample” will be given out to you if you choose to “fly” with us

(This edition of Art After Hours was originally conceived with Hera Chan; produced by Jasmine Cheung and David Chan.)

Artist Bio

Wong Kit Yi
Prem Krishnamurthy
Dr. Kong Yuen Chong Richard

Wong Kit Yi (黃潔宜) lives and works between New York and Hong Kong. Exploring biological answers to metaphysical questions, she deals with odd scientific findings and the dysfunctional relationship between what is considered science and pseudoscience. Wong also investigates the contractual relationship, working with such ideas as patron collaboration through 99-year leases for her artworks.

Her most recent works have been included in projects organised by Kunstinstituut Melly (Netherlands, 2021); Blindspot Gallery (Hong Kong, 2021); Public Art Fund (New York, 2020); Tank Museum (Shanghai, 2020); Para Site (Hong Kong, 2019); Surplus Space (Wuhan, 2018); the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art (Riga, 2017). Reviews of her work have appeared in such publications as the New York Times, Art in America, Contemporary Art Daily, e-flux conversations, ArtReview, ARTnews, ArtAsiaPacific, Art21, and Art Newspaper etc. She has been selected for the Chinati Foundation Artist in Residence program (Marfa, 2021), where she will walk to and fro between Mexico and the US to explore meteorological borders. She received an MFA from Yale University, and has been teaching university courses about performance, video art and new media. When she is not teaching, she loves lecturing people in her signature karaoke-inspired lecture format. She is the co-chair of LASER (Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous) Hong Kong, and a die-hard member of KFC (kombucha fan club).  

Prem Krishnamurthy is based in Berlin and New York. His work across media explores the transformative potential of art and design by experimenting with presentational strategies, performative modes, and ways of communing. He is artistic director of FRONT International 2022, the Cleveland triennial of contemporary art; directs Wkshps, a multidisciplinary design consultancy; and organises Commune /kəˈmjuːn/, an emergent workshop that practices artistic tools for social transformation. In March 2021, Pompeii Commitment released his new digital artwork, Pompeii!, which reflects upon rituals, destruction, memory, and letting go.

Previously, Prem founded the design studio Project Projects and the exhibition space P! in New York. He received the Cooper Hewitt National Design Award for Communications Design in 2015 and KW Institute for Contemporary Art’s “A Year With…” residency fellowship in 2018. His professional papers were acquired by Bard College’s Center for Curatorial Studies in 2019.

Dr. Kong Yuen Chong Richard (江潤章) received his PhD in Microbiology at Monash University, Australia. He has been actively involved in molecular biology research for many years, involving projects that varied from molecular investigations of pathogen epidemiology and virulence to molecular genetics of inherited disorders in humans. His research interest is on the development and application of novel DNA-based technologies as risk assessment and bioremediation tools to address problems related to diverse aspects of pollution in the marine environment. Dr. Kong has extensive experience on the comparative use of a wide variety of bioinformatic tools that have been described in many of his recent publications on gene expression studies in bacteria and fungi to higher vertebrates. He has published extensively in leading international journals in Microbiology, and Molecular and Cell Biology, and has served on the Editorial Board and as a reviewer for various international journals.

In the past 25 years, Dr. Kong has come to realise that “Painful memories buried alive never die, and will always show up in other forms in one’s life”. It is now widely known that unresolved (unhealed) psychological and emotional pain (from the past) that are trapped and stored in a person’s body would eventually lead to various forms of physical or neurological diseases. One of his passions in life in recent years is to share with friends and family various effective healing tools to help free ourselves from all sorts of physical, emotional and psychological pain.