Art After Hours: LOUD

Art After Hours: LOUD

Date & Time

16 Jun 2022 6:00-11:00pm


Prison Yard, Laundry Steps, Lower E Hall, JC Cube


$80 ( JC Cube performances session )


This June, Art After Hours-LOUD brings together emerging artists with programmes of events that run from dusk into the late evening. In various locations throughout Tai Kwun, the human body metamorphoses into sculpture, noise becomes narrative, sound constructs space, and rap creates the written word. The artists attempt to reinvigorate the basic senses, to excite our perception of tension, to shout the dimensions of beauty in voices that will never die. Putting all the anxiety of an uncertain environment directly on display, they write about their feelings for home, open their arms to life with all its uncertainties, and embrace self-healing.

Art After Hours performances are staged in multiple areas of Tai Kwun. Audiences can move freely between these areas, enjoying the impact of sound and colour. This year, the programme will also feature improvisation, allowing audience members to experience an artist’s interpretation of his or her work in its rawest form.

*Please purchase your ticket in advance for the Luna Is A Bep and David Boring shows. The doors at JC Cube will open at 8 pm. Performances start at 8:30 pm. To avoid disturbing other members of the audience, latecomers will be admitted only at intermission or during a suitable break in the performance.

Participating artists: Shane Aspegren, DAVID BORING, Jacklam Ho, Florence Lam, Luna Is A Bep

Programmes may contain a small amount of indecent language and are recommended for ages 15 and above.

This event will fully comply with the most recent health and safety regulations, and social distancing measures will be in effect.

Artist Bio

Florence Lam
Jacklam Ho
Luna Is A Bep
Shane Aspegren

An uncut gem from the Hong Kong underground scene, DB went from being a group of local underground maverick darlings, to a reclusive but sensational international cult favorite. Signatured with their soul-crushingly dirty, meticulously crafted noise, the enigmatically cathartic live performances, and their introspective and often biting social dialogues, DB experiments in ways that both confront and empathise with the modern world, revealing a dark, claustrophobic underbelly that can either excite or traumatise.

Born in 1992 in Vancouver, Canada, Florence Lam currently lives and works in Hong Kong. Wonder and magical thinking inspire the fusion of current moral issues and childlike worldview Lam expresses through performance art, improvisation, written word, video, and sound. Her aim is to explore the fertility and sterility of the mind manifested through the properties of the biological body and language, and to find in these a hint to the evolution of human values and spiritual understanding. She obtained a BA in Fine Arts from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, University of the Arts in 2014 and an MA in Fine Art from Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2017.

Lam has performed at venues throughout Asia and Europe, including Para Site (Hong Kong, 2021), Cattle Depot Artist Village (Hong Kong, 2021), Hidden Space (Hong Kong, 2020), Nanhai Gallery (Taipei, 2019), MACRO Testattio Mattatoio Art Museum (Rome, Italy, 2018), Kling & Bang (Reykjavík, Iceland, 2018), and Manifesta 11 (Zürich, Switzerland, 2016). Her art festival performances include A! Performance Festival (Akureyri, Iceland, 2019), YÜP Festival (Osnabrück, Germany, 2019), ZABIH Performance Festival (Lviv, Ukraine, 2019), Reykjavík Arts Festival (Reykjavík, Iceland, 2019), Performance Platform Lublin (Lublin, Poland, 2017), Sequences Art Festival (Reykjavík, Iceland, 2017), and Performance Art Bergen Open (Bergen, Norway, 2017). She held positions as a re-performer for Marina Abramović’s retrospective The Cleaner at the Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn, Germany (2018) and as a workshop facilitator for A Different Way of Hearing: The Abramović Method for Music at Alte Oper in Frankfurt, Germany (2019). Since 2020, she has been holding live and online performance art workshops. She is the co-founder and co-curator of Per.Platform, a Hong Kong-based live art platform founded in 2021.

Born in 1990, Jacklam Ho is a sound artist, sound designer, and mixing engineer. A 2012 graduate of the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts who majored in sound design, Ho uses sound creation in creative roles that include theatrical sound design, music and sound mixing for independent film, animation sound effects, and musical arrangement.

In his personal work, Ho explores sound’s relationship to and interaction with space. Using audio from a variety of sources, he creates soundscapes unique to individual spaces—works that offer singular listening experiences.

Hong Kong rapper and singer-song writer Luna Is A Bep has been part of the Cantonese rapping scene since 2018. Drawing on a variety of musical genres to complement her unique rapping style, Luna’s work is a vehicle for her ideas about the world. Through her songs, she talks about what’s on her mind, writing with a laidback tone about life, the world around her, interpersonal relationships, and inner struggles.

Shane Aspegren currently resides in Hong Kong. His work juxtaposes improvisational languages within carefully crafted frameworks, frequently exploring a cross-disciplinary and non-dualistic perspective on such topics as societal dynamics, consciousness, and perception. He is primarily known for his work related to music and sound, elements which often play an integral part in his installations, images, videos, objects, and performances. Interested in relational aesthetics of every form, he typically prefers interactive methods of creation and their practical application, such as his ongoing work with meditative and holistic practices—specifically the effects of sound on the mind and physical matter of living beings. As a musician/composer/performer, he has been touring the world for more than two decades, and his discography extends to several dozen albums. His work has been presented, commissioned, collected, and performed at institutions, museums, and galleries throughout Asia, Europe, and North America.