Art After Hours 2020

Art After Hours: Human Voices

Date & Time

19 Nov 2020 7pm-9pm


F Hall Studio


Free of charge


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“Art After Hours” this November pivots around the concept of “human voices”, presenting a motley experience of visual and sound art as an elaboration of the audio stimulations and ASMR in Mika Rottenberg’s latest solo exhibition “Sneeze”. Through the exchanges of the human voice are our daily lives built, with meaning conveyed in our day-to-day conversations. Yet before and after any meaning is constituted, the cadence and intonation of the human voice itself is often the vector of nuances that suggests unacknowledged emotions and perceptions. Could sounds, in a certain ambiguous, non-linguistic level, possibly replace human speech and language itself?

This event is going to introduce two original sound performances: the sound artists Jasper Fung and Jacklam Ho, featuring the creative collective Feaston, will perform a remixing of pre-recorded human voices colliding with sounds made with household objects on site. The performance will explore messages unheard of in domestic settings and interpersonal communications. The second act will see the sound artist Olivier Cong perform a live-scoring of Jacques Demy’s 1957 short film Le Bel Indifférent (adapted from Jean Cocteau’s renowned one-act play La Voix Humaine), resonating with the sorrowful female voice that drones on in the film.

Artist Bio

Feaston (est. 2019) is a creative group from Hong Kong. Smashing into various scenes, they curate happenings in the city as a resident critique of contemporary society.

Jacques Demy was a French director best known for his romantic musical-comedy films. Demy’s early films include an adaptation of a Jean Cocteau playlet Le Bel indifférent , and the full-length features Lola and Bay of the Angels. In The Umbrellas of Cherbourg all dialogues were sung to music by composer Michel Legrand; the film won the grand prize at the 1964 Cannes Film Festival.

Jasper Fung is an artist-researcher based in Hong Kong. He studied Creative Media and Media Arts Cultures in Hong Kong and Europe. His artistic practice ranges from live electronics, electroacoustic compositions, and installations with sound. Performing with everyday objects, his unusual manner of playing explores the relationship between the real and the imagined. He manipulates the loudspeaker as a musical instrument to investigate how experience is constructed through listening and musical live-ness in the post-digital era. Fung has exhibited in international festival and conference such as Ars Electronica and the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression while his Sound performance footprint can be found across East Asia to Europe.

Jacklam Ho, born in 1990, he is a sound artist, sound designer, and mixing engineer; he graduated from Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts in 2012 majoring in sound design. Ho uses sound creation in different roles, as seen in theatre sound design, independent film music and sound mixing, animation sound effects, music arrangement, among others. In terms of personal work, he explores the relationship and interaction between sound and space based on sound, uses different sound sources to create unique soundscapes in the space, and gives unique listening experience in the work.

Olivier Cong is a contemporary songwriter and composer with a distinctive musical style that has a spatial, darkly evocative and searching quality.  His latest artistic venture was acting Music Director in the Chung Ying Theatre Company’s musical drama “All My Life I Shall Remember”. Currently Olivier Cong is engaged in composing a musical score for a film commissioned by Beijing director Tian Zhuangzhuang.

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