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Art Film Hour: He Who Eats Children and The Jealous One

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Laundry Steps
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Free of charge

Emphasising the shifting of identity and social confusion brought about by postcolonialism, the Karrabing Film Collective’s The Jealous One follows an Indigenous man forced to navigate through bureaucratic red tape in an attempt to perform traditional funeral rites for his recently deceased wife. As his story unfolds, conflict occurs when he is confronted by another man who is consumed with jealousy over his dead wife. As member Elizabeth Povinelli said in an interview with visible, “Karrabing is not a clan, not a language group, not a nation. It is an aspiration.” At that very moment, how does jealousy guide the land, men, or settler state? Next, Russell’s He Who Eats Children is a pretend documentary occurring in a small village located deep in a Suriname jungle. Impersonating the monster- who-eats-children, blindfolded children play hide-and-seek against the backdrop of a local legend that identifies the village’s sole white person, a Dutch engine repairman, as being the real monster. Investigating a true myth, the documentary explores the encounters between the villagers and the infamous European.


Committed to building long-term and sustainable dialogue with our visitors, Hong Kong cultural critics, and intellectuals, Art Film Hour shows a selection of moving image works following a thematic every season. Art Film Hour is a sub-programme of Art After Hours, an event series presented by Tai Kwun Contemporary that will talk with you, sing with you, and strive to always show you something new. Art After Hours welcomes all visitors to experience contemporary art in Hong Kong live. Artists, writers, public intellectuals, and curators are invited to engage in talks, performances, and screenings.