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An Edible Performance

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Date & Time

30 Mar - 20 Apr, 2019 Please refer to the programme introduction


Creative Research Workshop: Zen Organic Farm & F Hall Studio / Talk: JC Cube / The Secret Menu: Grassroots Pantry


Free of charge


Instructor & Speaker
Peggy Chan

Created by
Lai Sim-fong & Ire Tsui

You may call her a chef, a restaurateur, an entrepreneur and a vegetarian: Peggy Chan may not be someone you can define easily, but the same certainly cannot be said about her food. Chef Peggy’s technique-driven plant-based cooking is her signature style, with her approach coming from intensive research in gastronomy. In this creative research workshop, Chef Peggy is going to share not only her knowledge of food but also stories and memories behind the dishes. Together with a group of local performing artists, Chef Peggy will be presenting this artistic menu in the attempt to cook within the context of art, identity, food and culture. Furthermore, she will discuss the relationship between food and arts during the talk.

Let’s Think Like a Chef! – Creative Research Workshop
Let’s think like a chef! In this Creative Research Workshop, you will work with Chef Peggy to deconstruct the dishes, from the ingredients, cooking method, its history to the cultural symbol and personal memories that the food contains. You mix and then cook these raw ingredients within the context of art, identity, food and culture. Interesting proposals from the workshop will be invited to present with Chef Peggy on 20 April.

30.03.2019│9am – 2pm│Zen Organic Farm (Ping Che, Ta Kwu Ling, N.T. (Near Lei Uk Village))
31.03.2019│1pm – 7pm│F Hall Studio
02.04.2019│7:30pm – 9pm│JC Cube (Talk)

Peggy Chan

Cantonese and English

Target Participants:
Aged 16 and above, with an interest in arts creation or culinary arts

Number of Participants:
20 (limited quota on a first-come first-served basis)

HK$300 (A full refund will be given to participants who attend the creative research workshop and the talk with a 100% attendance rate)


Application Deadline:
22 March 2019


  • Please wear suitable clothing, sunscreen and anti-mosquito protection for outdoor activities
  • Please wear comfortable clothing for the workshop
  • Successful applicants will be notified by email on or before 26 March 2019

Talk: When Food and Art Cross…
When food and art cross, what will happen? In this talk, Lai Sim Fong and Ire Tsui will present examples from theatre, design, visual art and performance art. When food becomes the artists’ materials for creation, it’s not only about its taste but also about culture, identity and politics. Additionally, Chef Peggy Chan will respond on the relationship between food and arts through her experience.

02.04.2019│7:30pm – 9pm│JC Cube

Lai Sim Fong & Ire Tsui

Peggy Chan


Target Participants:
Aged 16 and above, with an interest in arts creation or culinary arts

Free admission. Advance registration required


The Secret Menu
Flavour is a relative concept. Your granny’s dish might be more memorable than that of a Michelin chef, because the meaning of food depends on its history, culture and personal memories. Tastiness is also not the sole factor of popularity; for example, GMO food is under attack since it threatens our health. You are cordially invited to join this unique interactive food experience in which Chef Peggy, together with a group of local performing artists, will be presenting this artistic menu in the attempt to cook up food within the context of art, identity, food and culture. In between a dining experience and a performance, let’s explore food and what’s beyond food.

20.04.2019│4pm – 5:30pm│ Grassroot Pantry (108 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong)

Peggy Chan & Workshop Participants

Cantonese / English

Target Participants:
Aged 12 and above, with an interest in arts creation or culinary arts

250 (including food and drink)


Peggy Chan

Peggy Chan is the Founder and Executive Chef of Grassroots Pantry, Hong Kong’s leading plant-based destination. Since its opening in 2012, Grassroots Pantry has contributed to a greater sense of awareness for sustainable agriculture and a growing appreciation for local farmers and organic produce. As one of Hong Kong’s leading authorities on plant-based cuisine, Peggy’s passions for community development lie beyond the kitchen. She is regularly commissioned to develop educational programmes for schools, consulting for other industries and start-ups, and has established herself and her restaurant as a training ground for young F&B professionals.

Lai Sim Fong
Ms Lai graduated with the Master of Fine Arts in Theatre Practice at University of Exeter (UK). She works as a dramaturg in theatre and contemporary dance. Recently works include Hong Kong Repertory Theatre “Red” and “Attempts on her life”; Hong Kong Arts Festival “Nook” by Rebecca Wong; Tai Kwun “Remote Hong Kong”; Pants Theatre Production Documentary Theatre Festival and WKCD/HKRep Hong Kong International Blackbox Festival.

Ire Tsui
Ire Tsui is a design & lifestyle writer, editor and researcher, based in Hong Kong. A founding member of design research studio Talking Hands. She is also a team member at Enable Foundation, specialised in communications and editorial. Tsui graduated from BA (Hons) in Design from Polytechnic University of Hong Kong and received her MA in Anthropology from Chinese University of Hong Kong. Previously worked as the Managing Editor of “Mingpao Weekly”, editorial team at “MING” and “CREAM”. She works collaboratively with designers, media and cultural organisations for creative projects and exhibitions. Recent projects included “Hong Kong Department Store”, research and design project “microfactory”, TV programme “Everyday Design” and “A Study on Hong Kong Beiwei Calligraphy & Type Design”

What is the relationship between culinary art, music, dance, architecture, machinery and contemporary art? As the saying goes, “art comes from life”, so how do we look for inspiration from life? “SHIFTING by Knowledge Transfer” invites artists and professionals from various fields to look into the past, foresee the future and reflect on the present. Through a series of interactive workshops, lectures and showcases, they will share their experiences of transforming knowledge into art, opening up new spectrums of artistic creation to enrich people’s life and imagination.