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Akira – Phantom Plane, Cyberpunk in the Year of Future Public Screening

Time |
(12.10) 5:30pm-7:35pm; (16.10) 7pm-9:05pm
Location |
JC Cube
Price |
Regular $60 / Concession $48

31 years after the Third World War, humanity pulls itself together and raise the hyper-modern Neo-Tokyo from the ashes . The young delinquent biker Kaneda, together with his meek fellow gang member Tetsuo, are caught up in a scientific conspiracy after they run into a white-haired little boy with psychic powers. The military, which is secretly conducting experiments on supernatural subjects, discovers the supernatural force residing within Tetsuo. The fierce drama of total destruction lies right around the corner, when human greed and arrogance erupt uncontrollably.

Akira is the magnum opus by the legendary comic artist and animation director Katsuhiro Otomo, where the meticulous drawing and cinematic story-boarding push the limits of Japanese animation, depicting futuristic, chaotic cityscapea and compelling scenes of destruction . Not only Akira was an instant hit in Japan, it also opened Western audience’s eyes to the kaleidoscopic world of anime. The visual tropes and vision in Akira, to a certain extent, are definitive reference points in Cyberpunk culture; the influence and offshoot of Akira are clearly visible in countless works in the sci-fi genre thereafter.

Director: Katsuhiro Otomo

1988|Japan|124 mins|DCP|In Japanese with Chinese and English Subtitle


Regular $60 / Concession* $48

*Concession tickets are applicable to students (aged under 18 or with full-time student ID), seniors aged over 60 and persons with disability.

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