Afternoon Series
12:45pm-1:45pm; 2:30pm-5:30pm (02-03.10) Timetable
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Programme Cancellation Notice

The programme “Afternoon Series” to be held on 19 October 2020, 12:45pm have been cancelled. Thank you for your understanding.

Live performances to brighten your day

Taking place every Monday afternoon, “Afternoon Series” invites emerging local artists to curate and develop mini-concerts, dance, theatre, comedy and multi-disciplinary performances for the unique environment at Tai Kwun. Sitting in the heart of Central, Tai Kwun is perfectly located to offer a brief reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the week. Come and relax with your co-workers, friends and families all the while being inspired by the innovative ideas of the artists.

Oct 2020 Performances

Grammy and Bernard

Intercultural Instrumental

Performance: 01.10.2020

Hong Kong is known for being a melting pot of Eastern and Western culture. It should come no surprise that Hong Kong composer re-arranged The Worship for cello and piano duo. On Oct 1, young guzheng player Grammy Yeung and cellist Bernard Chan will join hand to present a duo concert with a refreshing mix of repertoire ranging from classical Chinese music and folk songs to short pieces for strings and contemporary music.

01.10.2020 Concert: Grammy and Bernard

Performed Grammy Yeung (Guzheng) & Bernard Chan (Cello)

About the artists

Grammy Yeung (guzheng) graduated from The University of Hong Kong, and was RTHK’s Young Music Makers 2017. Grammy Yeung is an awardee of the Hong Kong Jockey Club Music and Dance Fund scholarship and has been invited to give solo performances in Hong Kong Museum of Art, Tai Kwun and the University Museum and Art Gallery at HKU.

Bernard Chan (cello) graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and then further studied at Royal Academy of Music in London.  He is both a classical musician and a pop-music singer and now work regularly as the guest tutti cellist of the Hong Kong Sinfonietta.

Grammy Yeung (Guzheng)

Bernard Chan (Cello)

Circus Lab


“Circus Box'' is a collective of local circus artists who will commands some of the most challenging and rarely seen acts, including Cyr Wheel, 6-foot-high unicycles and plate-spinning. These diversified circus elements will be mix-and-match in a special performance where artists experiment to redefine what circus arts can be. Let us celebrate the playful and innovative spirit of "Tai Kwun Circus Plays" in the Festive autumn season!

02.10.2020 Performance: SpinS/M/L

Watch out for the many circles spinning around at the heart, and as the grids intersect, boundless volumes rise and flow! Discover as many perspectives as you could behold, as Cyr Wheel, hula hoop and spinning plate create a revolving multitude together!

Performed by

Grace Hoop (Hoop Dance)

Zara Asa (Cyr Wheel)

Wayne Lee & WindBreaker Team (Plate Spinning)

03.10.2020 Performance: Big Bang Circus

Follow the bumpy-jumpy clowning jugglers to the "Circus Lab", where you will unveil a world of wonders and surprises! Our versatile performers will showcase a wide range of circus elements and demonstrate a “big bang” of circus arts.

Dennis Law (Juggling Balls & Clubs)

Lego Shum (Uni-Cycle, Rolabola & Juggling Clubs)

Betty Leung & Jacky Lo (Clowns)

WindBreaker Team (Plate Spinning)

About the artists
"Circus Box'' is dedicated to promoting Hong Kong's circus culture through bringing local performers together with a vision to create a brand-new audience experience. Through blending different forms of circus and performing arts in “Circus Lab”, the troupe aspires to sparknew interpretations of circus art.

Members come from a wide spectrum of performing arts backgrounds, including juggling, circus, clowning and mime. They have travelled around the world to learn and absorb different styles and techniques, incorporating these elements into local culture with the vision to develop a unique circus style for Hong Kong.

Grace Hoop

A hoop dancer and an instructor, Grace Hoop was trained in Berlin from 2014 to 2016 and 2018 summer. She participated in numerous hoop conventions throughout Germany, where experiences include performing, choreographing and conducting workshops. Grace is now based in Hong Kong and she is passionate in stimulating the hoop culture. Recent projects include 《BAUHAUS Magic Flute》by Zuni Icosahedron, 《Circular Reflection - The Abstract Cosmos》 by Orleanlaiproject, 《Secret Journey, Stranger Than Paradise》by Yoshiko Chuma (Berlin), impromptu performance in Sónar and Clockenflap Music and Art Festivals.

In 2017, Grace received The Hoopie Awards – “Hooper of the Year Asia” by

Grace’s hoop dance is a form of free movement with hoop manipulation. It gives unlimited opportunities for discovering new moves, inspiring others, exploring the feeling of freedom with a tremendous amount of joy.

Zara Asa

A Flow Arts Artist in Hong Kong. In 2014, he studied performing arts in Taiwan focusing on cyr wheel, light and fire dance. With a focus on creative design, he attempts to integrate industrial design with props and apply the concepts of design with performing arts to create unique performances. He travelled to Russia and Australia to study Poi and Cyr Wheel that are rare in Hong Kong. By exploring the influence of “‘Flow Arts” to the body, mind and soul, Zara Asa strives to share stories through his performances. He is dedicated to combining unique performing arts forms and introduce extraordinary performances into Hong Kong.

Wayne Lee

A juggling tutor and performer. Wayne started juggling in 2008. Among the various props manipulations, Wayne mainly focuses on plate spinning. During his practicing journey, he delved into tricks inventions and his personal style development. From 2009 to 2018, Wayne received various awards in Hong Kong and overseas juggling competitions. He is passionate to popularise the juggling and plate spinning culture in Hong Kong.

Dennis Law

A magician and juggler. He started learning magic from teenage. During his learning journey, He has had the opportunities to explore various kinds of performing arts. A love by accident, he fell for juggling and further his performance style with a mix of fantasy magic and juggling art.

Lego Shum

Lego Shum started his self-taught circus life in 2016 after meeting a solo fire artist from the Philippines. His self-taught fire arts include poi, dragon staff, fire eating and fire breathing. Later he also started performing juggling, Rolabola, 2 meter giraffe unicycle, juggling with stilts and etc. Lego Shum is also a musician, drummer and composer. His musical input adds extra layers and uniqueness to his circus performances. His is aspired to develop more circus-music shows.

Jacky Lo

In 2015, Jacky started clowning and created his clowning character “BuBuJak”. His unique and amusing character tours around Europe, Australia, Thailand, China, Taiwan and Macau. Jacky believes that from through the character “BuBuJak”, his performance will bring out the inner-child and happiness of everyone. As a full-time actor, Jacky appears in numerous movies, televisions, advertisements and social media productions.

Betty Leong

Betty has been a clown actor in theme parks for many years and develop her unique clown art over the years. She is one of the founders of “Super Clown”. The art of clowning is filled with fantasy and absurdity.

WindBreaker Team

Formed by 4 enthusiastic jugglers Wayne Lee, Ho Ka Hei, Cheng Yat Long and Ting Ka Chun. These youngsters aim to level up their juggling skills and achieve a team collaboration. Joining four fresh minds, new concepts and breakthroughs are booming in their acts. Their vision is to enter the international stage to explore the world of circus art.

(Coach: Wayne Lee, Li Fu Wing Aaron)

Circus Box

Grace Hoop (Hoop Dance)
Wayne Lee (Plate Spinning)
Zara Asa (Cyr Wheel)
Dennis Law (Juggling Balls, Juggling Clubs)
Lego Shum (Uni-Cycle, Rolabola, Juggling Clubs)
Jacky Lo (Clown)
Betty Leong (Clown)

Musical Brothers

Western Instrumental

Performance: 05.10.2020

What’s more enjoyable than playing chamber with your brothers? Violinist Mark Hui will take the stage his brother flutist Bob Hui on Oct 5.

The concert by violin/viola and flute offers a lyrical programme with works written by French composer Françoise Devienne from the late 18th century and British composer Malcolm Arnold from the 20th century. Come join us!

05.10.2020 Concert: Violin/Viola & Flute Duo

Performed by Mark Hui (Violin/Viola) & Bob Hui (Flute)

About the artists

Violinist Mark Hui graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with first-class honours and obtained his Master of Music from the Manhattan School of Music. Hui is an active soloist and has an immense passion in orchestra which has taken him around the world to perform and to work with renowned conductors such as Christoph Eschenbach and Michael Tilson Thomas, among others. He also serves as Resident Conductor at the Hong Kong Festival Orchestra.

Bob Hui started his first music lesson with his father. In 2016, he was awarded the Bachelor of Music degree with first-class honour from HKAPA, where he studied with Olivier Nowak. Currently, Bob is a regular freelancer with Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra and Hong Kong Sinfonietta.

Mark Hui (Violin/Viola)
Bob Hui (Flute)

NOVA Ensemble

Western Instrumental

Performances: 12.10 & 19.10.2020

NOVA Ensemble is pleased to return to Tai Kwun’s Afternoon Series for a two-week residency, presenting Chamber Music with Marimba, featuring guest percussionist Samuel Chan, in works by Takemitsu, Bright Sheng and Kevin Puts, followed in the ensuing week by Concertante Music for Flute, featuring the ensemble’s flautist Angus Lee and a string quartet performing works by Vivaldi, Mozart and Pleyel .

12.10.2020 Concert I: Chamber Music with Marimba

Performed by Angus Lee (Alto Flute), Stephenie Ng (Clarinet), Justin Ho (Violin), Vivian Shen (Violin) & Samuel Chan (Marimba)

19.10.2020 Concert II: Concertante Music for Flute

Performed by Angus Lee (Flute), Sean Lai (Violin), Vivian Shen (Violin), Samuel Au (Guest Viola), Chak-yin Pun (Cello) & Crystal Tam (Double Bass)

About the artists

Formed in 2017, the Hongkong-based NOVA Ensemble is an expanding collection of the City’s leading young Classical musicians, dedicated to innovative (re)interpretations of established classics, while actively engaging with young composers and commissioning new works for the Ensemble.

Angus Lee (Flute)

Sean Lai (Violin & Viola)

Vivian Shen (Violin)
Samuel Au (Guest Viola)

Chak-yin Pun (Cello)
Crystal Tam (Double Bass)
Stephenie Ng (Clarinet)

Justin Ho (Violin)
Samuel Chan (Marimba)

The Up:Strike Project

Contemporary Percussion

Performances: 26.10.2020

The Up:Strike Project returns to Tai Kwun for 3 more end of year concerts from October - December. The first of the program features our members on solo percussion repertoire with electronics, with one commissioned by Hong Kong composer Daniel Lo.

26.10.2020 Concert: Percussion + Electronics

Losing Touch (1994) / Edmund Campion

Performed by Eugene Kwong (Vibraphone + Tape)

Fertility Rites (1997) / Christos Hatzis

Performed by Bevis Ng (Marimba + Tape)

Untitled Solo (2020)* / Daniel Lo

Performed by Karen Yu (Objects)

Zoon (11n) arranged for Matthew Lau* / Ozno

Performed by Matthew Lau (Mallet instruments + Electronics)

*World premieres

About the artists

The Up:Strike Project aims to embody the nature of the integral movement in percussion: “up and strike.” Founded by two Hong Kong-based percussionists, Karen Yu and Dr. Matthew Lau, The Up:Strike Project is a diverse and flexible group, aiming to thread the community together by welcoming all levels of percussionists and musicians, and consistently engaging different young and emerging percussionists to work with us.

By bringing professional and emerging percussionists together, presenting and championing a diverse mix of percussion music, and supporting the future leaders of percussive arts, The Up:Strike Project endeavours to strike and stand out as the pioneer of the ever-changing art form in percussion and contemporary music.

Devoted to bring changes, The Up:Strike Project seeks to elevate the artistry of percussion, at the same time, focusing on community engagement through musicmaking and broadening the diversity of performed repertoire.

The Up:Strike Project

Matthew Lau (Percussion)
Karen Yu (Percussion)

Bevis Ng (Percussion)
Eugene Kwong (Percussion)

Programme Timetable



Performing Group

Music / Performance Genre

01.10.2020 (Thu)

12:45 – 1:45pm

Grammy and Bernard

Intercultural Instrumental

02.10.2020 (Fri)

2:30 – 3:30pm

4:30 – 5:30pm

Circus Lab


03.10.2020 (Sat)

2:30 – 3:30pm

4:30 – 5:30pm

Circus Lab


05.10.2020 (Mon)

12:45 – 1:45pm

Musical Brothers

Western Instrumental

12.10.2020 (Mon)

12:45 – 1:45pm

NOVA Ensemble

Western Instrumental

19.10.2020 (Mon)


NOVA Ensemble

Western Instrumental

26.10.2020 (Mon)

12:45 – 1:45pm

The Up:Strike Project

Contemporary Percussion