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Art After Hours 2019

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[Art After Hours] Artist’s Choice: ”Night of the Living Dead“ and in Conversation with Angela Su

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JC Cube
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If contagious disease is the fear shared by modern city dwellers, then, zombies would be the ultimate manifestation of this fear. On the one hand zombies illustrate the most horrifying aspects of contagious disease – the speedy, insuppressible and incurable outbreak—in a fascinating fashion, and on the other hand they can be the vehicle for class, racial and cultural discourses. The artist Angela Su, who participates the Tai Kwun exhibition Contagious Cities: Far Away, Too Close with her latest video work Cosmic Call, has an ongoing interest in the medical aspect of the zombie genre – even the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had previously used zombiism as an analogy to infectious disease outbreaks, and issued a “Zombie Apocalypse” blog post to raise public awareness of emergency preparedness.

Angela Su chooses Night of the Living Dead to share with the audience; the artist herself will attend the post-screening talk and discuss her view on zombie genre and its influence. Night of the Living Dead is the debut feature of the ‘Father of Zombie Movies’ George A. Romero, the film almost single-handedly created the genre of zombie films/ TVs/ games as we know it today.

At this screening, we are proud to present the new 4K version of the film restored by MoMA and Film Foundation, and supervised by the director George A. Romero; Night of the Living Dead is stark, haunting and more relevant than ever.

U.S.A.|1968|96 min| b&w|In English with Chinese Subtitles

The talk will be conducted in Cantonese, with English simultaneous translation