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“Salute to Kwan Kung” Talk Series – The Kwan Kung Spirit in Public Relations

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JC Cube
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Free of charge

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Design and Cultural Studies Workshop

Tsang Sing Ming
Vivian Hung Wai Man

Various kinds of public relations crises in recent years are called “Kwan Kung Disasters” (a wordplay that inverts kung kwan, which means public relations in Cantonese).

Public relations specialist Mr Tsang Sing Ming has handled a gamut of crises during his 42 years of service at Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB). In this talk, he will share his experiences on how he handled them by applying the spirit of Kwan Kung. He will be joined by Ms Vivian Hung Wai Man, Assistant Manager of the Department of Public Affairs of Cable TV, who worked alongside Mr Tsang for many years.

Conducted in Cantonese

90 mins