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“Salute to Kwan Kung” Talk Series – “In search of the story of Kwan Kung: Tainan”

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Laundry Steps
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Design and Cultural Studies Workshop

Wang Hau Yi
Tsai Shun Jen

Tainan, the capital of the Ming loyalist kingdom founded by Zheng Chenggong (Koxinga), is an ancient city rich with history. Its 250-year development since then have been indelibly imprinted upon by history, engendering many bearers of cultural heritage. Amongst them, folk religions and worship of martial temple gods are well-preserved and practised even nowadays.

In the first part of the talk, writer Wang Hau Yi will delve into the practices of worshipping martial gods, probing its deeply entrenched culture as well as the minds of ancient believers. In the second part, Tsai Shun Jen, the conservator who has taken part in the restoration of the State Temple of the Martial God in Tainan, will share his experience of applying oil painting conservation techniques to the restoration of historical monuments.