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Established in 2016, Touch Ceramics has pushed forward the development of ceramic art. This November, we have opened a new art space, Touch Gallery, to further promote the beauty in ceramic art. Touch Gallery exhibits artworks from famous contemporary ceramic artists. And each month, there will be a Highlight of the Month, featuring different artists’ works and showcasing them together with ceramic artworks. Exploring the possibilities and dynamic between ceramic art and other media, Touch Gallery cultivates a brand new stimulating visual experience for viewers.



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Lunar New Year with Love - Handle with Care

Dr. Anissa Fung, an award-winning ceramist as well as a keen educator, has been immersing herself in this industry for around forty years. Working on the cardboard boxes-inspired utensils recently. From her works, people can easily see the texture of cardboard as well as the holes in the middle of it. The collection of ceramic works is named 'Handle with Care', which refers to the commonly seen 'handle with care' sign on cardboard boxes, and literally means that carefully handling all their artworks is a must for all ceramists.

Using a classical fine art design approach to express the ordinary visual phenomena in contemporary society, Dr. Fung successfully transfers something people regard as trash into the key idea of her exhibition; and make the protection of goods become valuable art pieces which needs to be well-protected. Arousing the contrast between observers' senses of sight and touch, her works aim at bringing a sensational and ideological feast to the observers. When you come to the exhibition, please handle her works with care. 

Date: 02-28.02.2021

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The Stories Behind…| Touch Ceramics & Touch Gallery

Open up the storybook of Tai Kwun, and the stories behind the shops— in addition to the history—slowly unfold at Tai Kwun’s hidden spots. “The Stories Behind” video series narrates the hidden stories of Tai Kwun’s shops & restaurants, where you discover the beautiful people and surrounding objects, and explore the beauty of life inside the historical compound.

Touch Ceramics & Touch Gallery

This is an art space and studio of handmade ceramics and porcelains located at Block 03 Barrack Block. Enders WONG, Founder and Director of Touch, talks about the significance of ceramics in our daily lives. You get to deepen the understanding of ceramics through the story, and see the dynamics between ceramic art and other media.

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