Hexadoor (initiated by BLIND)

Hexadoor (initiated by BLIND)

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"when six brands comes together its more than just 6" 

Hexadoor is initiated by Blind by JW, selecting six best unique craftsmanship of Hong Kong local designs that includes fashion and accessories design from Blind by JW, eyewear from Absolute Vintage, jewelries from Fabcessories, fine jewelries from Ginyu, contemporary jewelries from Playback Concept and board games from People on Board. You can experience more than you expected. 






Blind by JW just launch the new collection at LONDON FASHION WEEK at Somerset House.  

The collection starts with a strong city look in a cold vibe – we want our audience to be confident in the way they are living and to enjoy some unrealistic daydream moments, being proud and really celebrating being a women no matter where you are. The collection merges different city cultures, by infusing elements of the British tailored jackets and padded coats using Tartan Scottish wool silk and new checked double jersey, with a modernised shifted mandarin collar paired with the Asian wrapped trousers created with an innovative approach.

The collection also involves contemporary transformation of some classic and easy pieces like printed silk blind shirts and knitted cardigans using eco-friendly yarn made of pre-consumed wool and recyclable polyester. There are QR codes on our prints that city travellers can scan and get access to the metro maps of landmarks in different cities.

Promotion & Events

Lunar New Year with Love - Chinese New Year 2021 x Hexadoor

DiSCARVERY Wrap bag is an eco-friendly with simply two elements - DiSCARVERY cloth and strap, users can easily tie and knot the cloth with the strap to make a shopping bag and say goodbye to unnecessary plastic bags and at the same time discover their journey of Chinese traditions and festive activities surrounding Hong Kong capturing the best of Hong Kong has to offer. Simply with mobile camera, users can scan the QR codes on the scarf and discover the next destination, experience the local style and selfie trendy portraits effortlessly. 

Date:  01-11.02.2021
Time: 1pm-6pm

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