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AURA ART was founded in 2011. Aura Art is a leading art event planning agency in Hong Kong. We offer diverse professional art services, providing corporates and individuals with delightful art journeys. We are also a mobile provider with complete flexibility almost all of our programs and services can be delivered in any location.

AURA ART is dedicated to promoting the exchange of Chinese and Western cultures through art. Our mission is to create engaging and enjoyable Chinese and Western art workshops that allow participants to experience and create art. In addition to cultivating an interest in art and culture, we aim to preserve art forms that are at risk of disappearing in the face of contemporary trends.

Furthermore, AURA ART enhances leadership skills, communication abilities, and team cohesion for corporate participants through world-class art team-building activities. By combining theory, practice and fun, we provide participants with unforgettable art experiences.

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